Canada to Screen ‘Iranium’ Despite Threats

The Library and Archives of Canada will hold a February screening of the film “Iranium,” an expose of the dangers posed by Iran’s nuclear program, despite cancelling a planned screening in January, the film’s promoters said Sunday.

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An exclusive pre-release screening of Iranium, scheduled to take place Tuesday night January 18 at the Library and Archives of Canada (LAC) in Ottawa, was cancelled following complaints and threats, some of which apparently came directly from the Iranian Embassy in Canada.

The cancellation aroused the ire of Canadians, including Ministers in the Canadian government, who are committed to Canada’s stated core value of protecting free speech. James Moore, the Canadian Heritage Minister, has demanded that the LAC show Iranium despite threats of violence. In turn, LAC announced it will offer a screening of the film at a later date in February.

The incident has been covered across Canadian press, and the story is now making its way to the United States.

Since the cancellation, Iranium has been mentioned in thousands of blog posts, and covered by major media outlets including Fox News and The Globe and Mail and Canadian National Television.

The incident strongly suggests that the Iranian government has taken notice of the film, and is afraid of Americans and Canadians viewing its content, the promoters said.


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