Abbas Fatah Faction Honors Olympic Massacre Planner

The Fatah movement, headed by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, held a meeting in Ramallah in honor of a senior planner of the 1972 massacre of Israeli athletes at the Olympics at their Revolutionary Council conference.

Black September terrorist at 1972 Munich Olympics
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Black September terrorist at 1972 Munich Olympics

Abbas, who worked behind the scenes to fund the murder of 11 Israelis at Munich, earlier this year told American Jewish leaders he would halt incitement and the encouragement of violence against Jews. One month later Abbas praised Abu Daoud, the mastermind of the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972 who died last year.

At last week’s Fatah’s Revolutionary Council meeting, Abbas sat at the head table in front of a poster of Amin al-Hindi, one of the senior planners of the terrorist attack that shocked the world but not enough to stop Olympic officials from continuing with the Games despite the massacre.

The Fatah meeting officially was held in honor of “the Shahid (Martyr) commander Amin Al-Hindi,” according to Palestinian Media Watch. The text on the banner behind Abbas read, “Palestinian National Liberation Movement – Fatah. Fifth Meeting of the Revolutionary Council Shahid (Martyr) Commander Amin Al-Hindi Conference November 24-25, 2010 Ramallah – Palestine.”

Last August, the official PA daily described al-Hindi’s participation in the Olympic massacre, saying he was “one of the stars who sparkled… at the sports stadium in Munich.” The attack itself was referred to as “just one of many shining stations” in his life.

At last week’s conference in Ramallah, Fatah formally declared that it never will recognize Israel as a Jewish state and also rejected the idea of a land swap by which Israel would hold sovereignty over Jewish-dominated areas in Judea and Samaria such as Gush Etzion and Maaleh Adumim and would surrender areas which are dominated by Israeli Arabs.


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