Leftists Harass Farmer, to Arab Onlooker’s Delight

A video that has been uploaded to the Internet video site YouTube by Jewish Judean activists provides a rare, up-close look at the strange world of radical leftists.

Leftist anarchists (illustrative)
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Leftist anarchists (illustrative)

The video was shot on February 11, at the Har-Sinai farm near Susiya in the southern Hevron Hills.

It shows Avidan Ofir, manager of the farm, being harassed by a group of radical leftists whom he caught trying to steal the farm animals’ source of water. He single-handedly prevented the gang from stealing the water until help arrived. The video’s editors note that the most physically aggressive person among the leftist attackers appears to be a woman.

The ‘activists’ are a source of weekly harassment, according to the Honenu organization, which assists Jews incarcerated for nationalist actions.

“This is an example of what our brothers are facing on a frequent basis from ‘human rights’ and ‘peace’ organizations funded by foreign governments,” Honenu said. “We salute Avidan for standing up for Jewish rights.”

[youtube NxUJlxS4YO4 nolink]

The Har-Sinai farm was named after Yair Har-Sinai, a Jewish father of nine who was murdered by Arab terrorists nearly ten years ago while tending his sheep. He had carried no weapon.


Source material can be found at this site.

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