Nuke Weapons Suspected on Iranian Plane Forced to Land in Turkey

Turkey forced an Iranian plane to land, acting on information the aircraft was carrying nuclear weapons to Syria. The Turkish government has not commented.

Turkish F-16 jet
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Turkish F-16 jet

Turkish media quoted foreign news sources that a cargo plane from Iran was ordered to land after it entered Turkish air space.

Two F-16 fighter jets escorted the cargo plane to a southeastern Turkish airport, where it is being searched for nuclear materials, according to the Do?an news agency.

Turkey has forged close ties with the Islamic Republic and Syria the past two years, discarding its former close relationship with Israel. Iran has been using various means to arm Syria, Iran and Hizbullah terrorists in Lebanon.

Wednesday’s action against the Iranian place indicates that Turkey has drawn a red line, signaling to Iran that Ankara cannot be exploited without limits. Syria previously has been suspected of building nuclear facilities, one of which was bombed by Israel while under construction four years ago.


Source material can be found at this site.

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