Senator McCain Calls to Release Pollard

United States Senator John McCain said he supports the release of Jonathan Pollard, who has been in prison for 25 years for passing classified information to Israel. Pollard was sentenced to life in jail.

Jonathan Pollard
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Jonathan Pollard

McCain expressed his support for Pollard’s release during a phone call with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, on Thursday.

He joins a growing list of American public figures who have called for Pollard’s release, among them former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former Vice President Dan Quayle. McCain’s support for clemency for Pollard follows earlier opposition to Pollard’s release, and comes at a time when Pollard is seriously ill.

Netanyahu told McCain he plans to continue asking U.S. President Obama for Pollard’s release. He was the first Israeli prime minister to make a public appeal for Pollard’s freedom, which he did in January 2011.

The Free Pollard campaign said McCain’s about-face regarding Pollard is more proof that Netanyahu was right in publicly calling for Pollard’s freedom. Activists said, “We hope to strengthen the Prime Minister, so he will be a faithful representative of the people of Israel and seekers of justice worldwide, and will continue to do whatever he can until Pollard is set free.”


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