Palestinian Fatah, Hamas and Co. have Slain 981 Civilians Since 2000

Nine hundred and eighty three civilians have been murdered by Muslim Arab terrorists since 2000. The vast majority of the murders were carried out by the Fatah and Hamas terror groups. About 17,200 civilians were wounded in these premeditated and intentional attacks upon civilian targets.

Abbas and Mashaal
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Abbas and Mashaal

The statistics were released by the National Insurance Institute, for the upcoming Memorial Day for Fallen IDF Soldiers and Victims of Terror Attacks.

The total number of civilians killed in Muslim-Arab terror attacks since January 1, 1950 stands at 2,443. This figure includes 119 foreign nationals.

The numbers indicate that 40% of the total number of Israeli civilians murdered by terrorists since 1950 were killed from 2000 onward.

The massive and merciless terror onslaught that Israel suffered in the years 2000-2005 has yet to be officially named, even though the number of casualties surpasses that of some of Israel’s wars. It is usually referred to either as “The Oslo War” or “The Second Intifada” (an Arab-language term).

The carnage was inflicted upon Israel after PLO terror chiefs and their militias were allowed into the Land of Israel following secret negotiations between Israeli leftists and PLO representatives in Oslo, Norway. This resulted in the Oslo Accords, which recognized the PLO leaders and terrorists as legitimate, after dozens of years in which Israel saw them as unworthy of any respect.

Seven years after being allowed into the Land of Israel, after they had established themselves on the ground and prepared for mass murder, the Arabs launched an unprecedented wave of horrific killings. Their favored targets were concentrations of citizens, be they on passenger buses, in coffee shops, or on lines to enter discotheques or malls.

Nine hundred and eighty-one civilian deaths, for a population Israel’s size, is the equivalent of over 40,000 civilian deaths in the USA.


Source material can be found at this site.

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