Muslims Furious over bin Ladens Death, Vow to Take Revenge

Hundreds of Muslims and strong Osama bin Laden supporters clashed with the English Defence League today as a “funeral service” for the assassinated terror leader sparked fury outside London’s US Embassy.
Police stepped in to separate the chanting groups amid threats of violence from both sides.

US leaders were branded “murderers” by Muslims, who warned vengeance attacks were “guaranteed” and shouted: “USA, you will pay”, “Death to America.”

Islamic protesters carried signs declaring ‘Islam will dominate the world’ and Jihad to defend the Muslims’ as well as banners attacking the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The pro-bin Laden ‘funeral’ took place as relatives of the 7/7 terror attack on London – which claimed 52 lives – wept at the inquest into the atrocity just three miles away.

It was organised by Islamic hate Imam Anjem Choudary, who told reporters after the ‘service’ that America had created a new generation of Islamic terrorists and Muslims will kill everything and everyone for the greatness of Allah.

He said: ” With Allah’s will, there will be one million Osamas. Muslims will remember Osama as a great man who stood up against the Satan West. Many will want to emulate his acts and kill the Kaffirs in the West”

“In Britain we have many options – we will take action, in Islamic countries if your land is attacked or your family are put at risk you must defend yourself against the kaffir.

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“We believe in the covenant of security that we must attack those we live with, but many do not.”

The group began their march from the Regents Park Mosque where they tried to recruit some of the thousands of Muslims who prayed there in remembrance of Osama bin Laden.

Choudary said: “Who comes is who comes. I am happy if there was three of us. We would still have this demonstration.”

Abu Muaz, 28, a Muslim from east London, added: “It is only a matter of time before another atrocity – the West is the enemy and Islam will prevail.”

However, another man who prayed at the Mosque said the group were a dangerous minority. He said: “They are crazy. They all benefit from UK education and UK benefits.

“They get everything for free and yet they still complain. They are not Islam, they are for Osama.

“You see the people walking past and ignoring them. Most Muslims have better things to do then this.”

He was later threatened by the other Muslims and left hastily into the crowd.

Meanwhile, EDL members chanted “USA, USA” as Muslims knelt to pray for bin Laden at the opposite end of the highly-secured embassy, in central London.

An ambulance was called to the scene amid reports that one of the extremists had been attacked.

Britain has followed the US in placing its embassies, diplomatic missions and military bases around the world on heightened alert in recent days.

The US said the decision to drop bin Laden’s body into the North Arabian Sea was taken to avoid creating a shrine for the dead al Qaida chief.

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An EDL member slipped through police lines to unveil an effigy of bin Laden in the middle of the 300-strong group of Muslims.

It prompted screams of “USA, burn in hell” and “Obama, burn in hell” “another 9/11 is on its way” and death to all Americans” from angry Muslim protesters.

The recent comments made by Islamic leaders shows that the moderate Muslims is rare, and most Muslims while pretending to be with the West in regards to Islamic terroristm are in actuality apologist of people like Osama bin Laden, the true colors now exposed.

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