Egypt to Open Embassy in Terrorist Gaza ‘Within Days’

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry intends to open an ’embassy’ or bureau in Gaza within the next few days, high ranking Egyptian officials told the news agency. The sources said the decision was reached after intensive consultations in the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.

Border with Egypt
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Border with Egypt

Hamas and Fatah delegations are to meet in Cairo next week to discuss the next Palestinian Authority government.

The decision to open the Egyptian ’embassy’ in Gaza is intended to facilitate the work of an Egyptian delegation that will reach Gaza in a few days’ time. The delegation will follow the work being done by the Palestinian Authority committees that were established in the Hamas-Fatah Cairo agreement. It will also supervise other aspects of the implementation of the agreement. quoted “knowledgeable Egyptian sources” who said that Muhammad Ibrahim, Deputy Head of Egyptian General Intelligence, will arrive on “Palestinian territory” shortly in order to supervise and assist in the implementation of the agreement between Hamas and Fatah.


Source material can be found at this site.

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