Video Series: US Depends on Israel for Homeland Security

“We can trust Israelis” to help with American. security, says Maine Senator Collins in one of several videos prepared by American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) for its annual conference.

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“We can trust Israelis” to help with American security because “we know we have the same goals,” says Maine Sen. Collins in one of several videos prepared by AIPAC for its annual conference.

US and Israeli flags
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US and Israeli flags

Senators Collins and Joe Lieberman, among others, worked to establish a Homeland Security office to coordinate with Israel after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“Israel has a lot to teach country about the threat and how to deal with it and how to boost our security,” says Republican Senator Collins.

Israel’s advanced technology also is used in American railroad, air and sea terminals. Florida selected Israel-based Nice Technology to equip its Miami port, the largest marine passenger terminal in the world.

“Nice was the top choice,” says Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Its technology analyzes videos from strategic points in the port, and its “smart technology” instantly detects abnormal behavior and actions that indicate a potential terror threat.


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