‘A Palestinian State is an Illusion’

Dr. Ron Breiman, former chairman of Professors for a Strong Israel and currently the spokesperson of the Hatikva faction in the National Union party, praised Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for his tough stance and response to President Barack Obama after the speech on Thursday in which Obama called for the formation of a Palestinian state along the 1949 armistice lines.

Dr. Ron Breiman
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Dr. Ron Breiman

Speaking to Arutz Sheva’s Hebrew website on Sunday, Breiman reiterated his opposition to the idea of a Palestinian state west of the Jordan River, and noted the existence of a Palestinian state east of the Jordan River. He added that since Obama is an advocate of the principles of democracy, it should be clear to him that someday the Palestinian majority in Jordan will take over the reins in Jordan and establish a formal Palestinian state there.

“Obama set up Netanyahu with his speech and put him in an impossible situation,” said Breiman, who believes that Netanyahu should have placed a greater emphasis on the fact that the establishment of a Palestinian state west of the Jordan would be completely impossible.

Breiman noted that even those who, unlike him, are in favor of establishing a Palestinian state cannot afford to leave the refugee issue until the day after the agreement, when millions of Arabs would cross into Israel’s borders demanding to return to Ramle, Haifa and Lod. He also noted that those who support a Palestinian state with territorial exchanges believe that there is no sense in exchanging open spaces for populated areas, since such an arrangement would only bring about a future establishment of a Palestinian state inside Israel.

In light of all this, Breiman said that “the solution of a Palestinian state is an illusion that is not possible and will certainly not lead to peace. They say that this state will be demilitarized, but already now it is not demilitarized. Just look at Gaza with the huge weapons cache and the Arab army trained by the Americans.”

Referring to Obama, Breiman said that the President errs by dividing between “bad terrorists,” such as those in Hamas, and “good terrorists,” such as the men of Mahmoud Abbas, despite the fact that both have the same aspirations and the differences are only in the way they implement those aspirations.

“We need to look at them as one unit rather than through Abbas’ suit,” concluded Breiman.


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