Israel Defense Forces Should Have Shot Invading Syrians

Dr. David Bukaee, an expert on the Arab world, says Israel must prepare well for Sunday, in which Arabs will mark the anniversary of their defeat at Israel’s hands in 1967.

Nakba Day events
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Nakba Day events

Bukaee said that the Arabs “keep looking for excuses” for violence against Israel, and that is why they came up with the concept of Naksa Day.

“This day was set in order to show that the struggle against Israel continues despite the loss in the war. They used the word ‘naksa’ which refers to a small setback, much smaller than the terrible disaster of 1948.”

The problem, said Bukaee, is that two weeks ago the State of Israel allowed a bunch of hooligans to enter – especially at Majdal Shams but also in other places – and the IDF did not use live fire, the result is that they will now do it everywhere.”

“Israel needs to reach a firm decision that no one passes the fence, no matter what the price,” he warned. Otherwise, if the Arabs are allowed to continue with the border-crossing attempts, Israel will pay dearly.

“They will wear out the army,” he explained. “They will hurt the Israeli economy, because this constant state of alert costs a lot of money, they will disrupt the IDF’s training and they know this, they understand that this is their best strategy against Israel.”


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