House Warns President on Libya

U.S. Capitol
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After two and half months of watching President Barack Obama’s uncertain effort in Libya, the House has had enough. According to US News, “the House voted 268-145 to pass a resolution introduced by House Speaker John Boehner, which demands President Obama to give more detail on U.S. policy goals in Libya.”  The signal from the House certainly passed muster as a responsible response.

Hopefully the White House will wake up and smell the coffee. All is not well in the Libyan adventure. Every passing day there is potential that “foreign fighters” could become an active party to the conflict. Or that NATO’s resolve will falter.

And to be frank, Libya is the least of the problems with Obama’s Middle East strategy. From Tripoli to Tehran, the Arab Spring is turning into one long hot summer. All the President has contributed besides throwing our NATO allies at Gadaffi is a wrongheaded speech that left most of the world scratching its head over the U.S. commitment to its most important ally in the region—Israel.

Over two years later, the Obama Doctrine has done nothing to keep America safe, free, and prosperous in a dangerous world. The question Americans ought to be asking is not why the Congress is rebuking the president—but what took so long?

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