House and Senate Cloakroom: June 13-17, 2011

House Cloakroom: June 13-17

Analysis: The House returned from a weeklong recess today and began legislative business.  Completing work on the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Bill is first on the agenda today.

Tomorrow, the House will convene at 10:00am and will consider the Agriculture Appropriations Bill.  Patent Reform legislation may come up at the end of the week once they are finished with the two appropriations bills.  This bill seeks to update patent laws in order to make them more compatible with today’s technological advances.

Major Floor Action:

  • HR 2055 – Military Construction and Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations Act
  • HR 1249 – America Invents Act
  • HR 2112 – Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act

Major Committee Action:

Senate Cloakroom: June 13-17

Analysis: The Senate will continue in session this week with the first vote coming on Tuesday at 12:00pm.  The Chamber will vote on the nominations of Claire C. Cecchi to be United States District Judge for the District of New Jersey and Esther Salas to be United States District Judge for the District of New Jersey.  The rest of the week is expected to focus on the Economic Development Agency reauthorization.  Numerous amendments have been offered to the bill including one by Senator Coburn (R-OK) that would repeal tax incentives for ethanol subsidies, one by Senator DeMint (R-SC) that would repeal the financial services reform legislation and one by Senator Paul (R-KY) that would cleanly raise the debt ceiling.

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Major Floor Action:

  • S 782 – Economic Development Revitalization Act

Major Committee Hearings:

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