Israel Defense Forces Train Tunnel Warfare Unit; Prepare for Fighting Terrorists in Tunnels

The IDF is training special units to fight in tunnels in Gaza and southern Lebanon, Ahram Online reports.

Terrorist tunnel

Terrorist tunnel

It was reported Wednesday that every soldier in the new tunnel warfare units will be equipped with a ‘robot’ capable of transmitting high-resolution video images from inside the tunnels, which are used by Hamas in Gaza and Hizbullah in Lebanon to move and store weapons and munitions.

The report says the IDF has established a training camp for the new unit in northern Israel.

“The coming war with Hamas and other militant movements will take place underground, so we have to develop our troops’ performance in fighting in the tunnels which we consider the war of the future,” one IDF official told the Israeli press.

The official added such tunnels have played an important role in every engagement Israel has fought over the past four years, but that the IDF had so far failed to do anything meaningful about them.

The head of the new unit, Major General Eidan, said the IDF is doing everything it can to agressively tackle what he termed the ‘tunnel problem’.

“Fighting tunnels is not only in Gaza with Hamas — Hizbullah is also using tunnels to fight Israel. We are training our troops to deal with both small and large tunnels that hold Hizbullah and Hamas fighters,” Eidan added.

Tunnels between the Sinai and Gaza have, to date, kept the Hamas terror organization well-stocked and enabled its constant rocket attacks on communities in southern Israel.


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