Father’s Day Podcast: Why Dads Are So Important

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This Father’s Day, take a moment to stop and consider why dads play such an important role in ensuring a children’s well-being and, subsequently, the stability of society.

In a new Heritage in Focus, Heritage fellow Ryan Messmore discusses the importance of fathers to strong families and a healthy civil society. Listen to the full podcast, here.

For instance, children and teens who experience a good relationship with their fathers are at a decreased risk of suffering from loneliness and emotional anxiety. Likewise, adolescents who are close to their dads are less likely to exhibit anti-social behavior, use illicit drugs, or engage in sexual activity. Even if dad isn’t the greatest at dividing fractions or diagramming sentences, a father’s involvement in his child’s life can also positively impact the student’s academic achievement.

Married fathers especially can have life-long influences on their children. The economic benefits of having a dad in the house can be profound as parents choosing to tie the knot can decrease a child’s risk of living in poverty by about 80 percent.

As Americans reflect on the importance of dad this Father’s Day, individuals and policymakers should recognize the necessary role fathers play in raising the next generation of citizens and safeguarding a strong civil society. National leaders should seek ways to promote the importance of marriage so that more children can grow up in a stable household and experience the unique benefits of a married mother and father.

Listen to Heritage fellow (and father of three) Ryan Messmore discuss the essential role of fathers, here.

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