Obama’s Final Solution

By James Lewis

President Barack Obama is the most dogmatic and dangerous leftist we have ever seen in this country. He is not hard to understand. Obama is very simple. All his ideas were frozen in concrete a hundred years ago by Marxist-Leninism around 1920. In Dreams from My Father, Obama celebrates third-world Socialism, but that’s just Marxist-Leninism with a racial overlay. Obama’s ideas are all old and discredited. They have failed from the Soviets to Cambodia. North Korea is facing another mass famine today, so terrible that it can’t even feed its own army. That is yet another failure of Marxist-Leninism. Over and over and over again. For radicals it doesn’t matter. You have to break a lot of eggs to make that omelet.(Lenin)

Just as Jimmy Carter kicked over the Shah, a crucial pillar of support for American and Israeli security thirty years ago, Obama has just done with Egypt. By forcing Mubarak to resign, Obama has sabotaged the Egypt-Israel peace treaty of the last 30 years.

Turkey has also radicalized, and nobody in the American media seems to be taking notice. They must know the facts, but they are not telling us.

The United States is standing by or actively sabotaging the moderate Arab states while Turkey and Egypt fall into the “Death to Israel!” camp. Those are the three biggest states, with three of the most modern armies in the Muslim world. It means that some 200 million people from moderate or friendly states have joined the rejectionist camp, and that Obama has actually reversed the progress toward peace made in 30 years.

It is significant that Jimmy Carter hasn’t said a word about the breakdown of a treaty he “negotiated” (or rather, Anwar Sadat and Menahim Begin did), which is the only foreign policy success of his presidency. Jimmy Carter being who he is, his silence speaks volumes. Carter is now a Hamas and Hezb’allah supporter. The only formal peace treaty of the last 30 years will be a dead letter if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over Egypt.

The window of opportunity for attacking Iran’s fast-moving nuclear and missile development has now closed. This is equivalent to the Allies in World War II allowing Hitler to develop nuclear weapons and long-range missiles. In the field of nuclear proliferation, if you don’t preempt, you are enabling proliferation. Obama has now reversed sixty years of American and Western efforts to reverse rogue nuclear proliferation. The horse of Armageddon is out of the barn.

Read that sentence again if you didn’t quite get it the first time, because it’s the biggest, wildest gamble an American president has ever taken.

It is a world catastrophe, and as far as I can tell, it has been done with malice aforethought.

At the same time, Obama has demanded, in public, that Israel give up defensible borders. The so-called “1967 borders” are in fact the ceasefire lines of the 1948 War of Independence, which left Israel nine miles wide at the waist. Obama has therefore actively legitimized sixty years of radical Islamist assaults designed to destroy Israel.

This must be purposeful.

When Obama publicly pushed Mubarak out of power, in the most flagrant act of public imperialism since the Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia, scuttlebutt is that there was a heated argument with Hillary behind the scenes. Obama must have been told what he was really doing in pushing over the biggest pillar of peace in the Middle East. I’ll bet he was told a hundred times by Admiral Mullen and General Petraeus, even by Hillary, and he did it anyway. Malice aforethought.

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Obama is thereby active aiding and abetting the whole “Death to Israel!” movement in the Muslim world. The mullahcracy in Tehran celebrated the fall of the Egypt-Israel peace treaty, by sending two modern warships through the Suez Canal, where their anti-ship missiles can now deny maritime superiority to American and NATO vessels in the Eastern Mediterranean, where Israel happens to live. At the same time, another phony “peace flotilla” against Israel’s coast is being organized, with Code Pink and Hamas elements involved. One of the ships is named The Audacity of Hope — against which Obama has made no public protest. It is filled with Obama’s personal and political friends, just like the last one was. Egypt is no longer enforcing the arms blockade against Gaza, so that Hamas will get a flow of missiles if the “peace” flotilla succeeds. The Israeli Navy that protects the coast is now vulnerable to Chinese anti-ship missiles positioned in Egypt, Gaza, and Lebanon.

Lt. Col (ret) Chuck Devore projects a coming blockade against Israel’s two main Mediterranean ports, cutting the major lifeline to Israel’s economy. Egypt has stopped natural gas deliveries already.

Against American Jews, Obama is running his usual Big Lie game. Liberal Jews are falling for it, because they never look at facts. They just listen to the feel-good rhetoric. When war comes, they will blame the victim, because they will not be able to face themselves.

These moves will no doubt lead to a major war in the Middle East, which DeVore predicts for September of this year. The purpose of Obama’s moves, at best, is to put so much murderous pressure on Israel as to force major territorial concessions to the radical rejectionist front. That will put Obama in the driver’s seat. By forcing Israel’s back to the wall, Obama and the left (in cahoots with radical Islamists) believe they can dictate a “permanent peace.”

Obama wants to be the hero who created peace, forever and ever, in the Middle East. As long as Israel is prepared to surrender as a defensible nation.

In the worst case, Obama is prepared to see the violent destruction of Israel. That’s what he is gambling with, along with a giant hole in NATO defenses in the eastern Mediterranean and Europe. Obama is a high-stakes gambler with other people’s lives.

This leaves Netanyahu and the Israeli government in a deadly double-bind. Israel’s back is against the wall. Its strongest option is to go nuclear when Iran does. Israel can do that simply by (a) making an official statement that it is a nuclear power, or (b) follow India and Pakistan thirty years ago by exploding a bomb. However, if it makes either of those moves, Obama and the United States will turn against Israel at the United Nations, and place nuclear maniac Iran on the same moral footing as modern and democratic Israel. Israel has consistently avoided revealing its nuclear power to avoid just this kind of dilemma.

One rational choice open to Israel is to defy Obama and attack Iran directly — Iran being the most suicidal regime since World War II Japan. Throughout human history there has never been a suicidal ideology equipped with nuclear weapons and missiles. In the next six months it will probably happen. When it does, the United States will do nothing. The Arabs will go nuclear to protect themselves against Iran’s Shiite imperialism armed with a martyrdom creed and Armageddon weapons.

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Since Israel’s nuclear weapons are only to be used as a last resort, it is possible that Israel will turn them against its most dangerous and suicidal tormentor, Iran. With thirty years to prepare, no doubt Israel has thoroughly explored that Samson Option. However, Obama is quite capable of using the US military to protect Iranian nuclear weapons, rather than trying to stamp them out.

Nuclear proliferation to the Arab states is now a certainty. The Sunni Arabs are far more afraid of Iranian aggression than they fear Israel. Israel has no aggressive intentions, and they all know it. The Arabs never felt they needed nukes before. But when Iran gets its nukes and missiles, the Saudis and Gulf Arabs will import them from Pakistan, possibly along with Pakistani army units in case of Iranian ground invasion. Iran’s Shiite radicals believe they should control the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina, and during the Khomeini years, they tried to overthrow the Saudi monarchy during the hajj.

The Pentagon has just released a humiliating admission that Obama’s vaunted anti-missile defense for Europe against Iranian missiles is never going to work. George W. Bush negotiated workable anti-missile missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic, in the path of Iranian missiles to Europe’s capital cities. Obama sabotaged that plan, leaving Aegis naval ships in various places as a fig leaf. The Pentagon has admitted that Europe is now undefended. Obama’s purpose may be to force Europe to turn against Israel at the United Nations.

The Iranians are blatantly celebrating, and they are now explaining that both the Little Satan and the Great Satan (the United States) will soon be at their mercy.

This is Obama’s Final Solution to the Jewish problem. Charles Krauthammer has defined it eloquently, but not completely.

Israel is now surrounded by lethal enemies on all sides. Egypt has collapsed. Lebanon has surrendered to Hezb’allah. Iran and Syria are in cahoots to achieve Khomeini’s absolutist aims. Israel’s Mediterranean coast is now threatened by Chinese anti-ship missiles, and its two lifeline ports are vulnerable to a blockade. Even Jordan is in the grip of a struggle among radical Islamists, Bedouins, and Palestinians. If all of Israel’s enemies launched their missiles at the same time, the only option for Israel would be to go nuclear.

If Obama wanted to deliberately sabotage American power and Western security in the Middle East, he could have done nothing more destructive. What Obama has done to the American economy, he has now done to the Middle East. The only rational purpose for this strategic sabotage is to place all the decision power in Obama’s own hands. The irrational purpose, if there is one, is to destroy the security of the United States and its closest allies in the Middle East and southern Europe.

All of America’s allies, including Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, must be worried sick. If the United States destroys its own European defenses, what is to stop it from destroying its Asian defenses? Just as the Arab countries will soon go nuclear, so will Japan, South Korea, and possibly Taiwan.

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By meeting with Ahmadinejad, Russia and China have jumped on what they judge to be the winning side. They have been sitting on the fence, because they don’t want an Islamic martyr regime with nukes next door. Iran is only one hour’s flight by airplane from Russia. Yet today, they have switched to an active pro-Iranian position. It is the biggest communist gamble since World War II and Mao’s Great Leap Forward.

Obama’s only skill is to be a community agitator, Alinsky-style. To that end he has his own house Jews, like Southern plantations used to have their own house blacks. They pop up all over leftist fronts like J Street and other fronts. The media try to legitimize those frauds, just like they legitimized a small minority of radical feminists decades ago.

What we are seeing today with Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin today is a “high-tech lynching,” just as Clarence Thomas said at his Senate hearing about the way the media abused him with rumors of sexual misbehavior. High-tech lynching.
Keep that in mind, because that’s who these people are. They don’t lynch people by accident, but with a very clear purpose. They are ruthless, and they have no decency. Domestically their purpose is to intimidate you and me, just as the KKK did in the Jim Crow South.

Media lynchings create an atmosphere of fear by hanging specific scapegoats from a tree. Watch it happen to Palin, Bachmann, Herman Cain, and everybody who becomes uppity against Obama. That is how the left aims to win a second term that Obama desperately wants.

Obama’s Jewish problem is the existence of millions of Jews who feel loyal to (a) a genuine belief in God, or (b) a genuine love for Israel, or (c) both.

Obama is fine with self-labeled Jews if they are atheist leftists, and they are willing to risk Israel being erased from the planet. Some of his best friends are Jews In Name Only, as long as they are detached from Israel. And other religions, natch.

For Obama, America and Israel should not exist. They get in the way of his utopian nightmares. That’s Obama’s Final Solution to the Jewish Problem.

It’s also his solution to every other problem.

Obama is fundamentally a very simple, extreme ideologue. He has only one answer.

Everything Obama does comes straight from the most stilted and destructive clichés of the left. The man has never had an original idea in his life, and wouldn’t recognize one if it were served up on a plate with arugula. He is intellectually locked in concrete.

Free nations and free faiths are still the targets of the totalitarian left, because America and Israel prove them wrong every day they survive and thrive, and make life better for millions of people. The signs now look more dangerous than they have in the last sixty years. The totalitarian left is on the march again, with Islamic radicalism as its ally.

Israel’s fate is therefore our own future as well

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