GOP Lawmakers Pledge Support for Judea and Samaria

Four leading GOP lawmakers have pledged to support Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

David HaIvri, Pete Sessions
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David HaIvri, Pete Sessions

The lawmakers are US Representatives Pete Sessions (TX), Michael Grimm (NY), Nan Hayworth (NY), Col. Allen West (FL).

The pledge came from lobbying efforts by Shomrom Liaison Office Director David Ha’Ivri, who is on a two week tour of the United States and recently met with officials on Capitol Hill.

The move marks clear opposition to the policies of US President Barak Obama, who has been trying to force a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria in order to create a Palestinian Authority state.

New polls show that Obama is out of tune with both American and Israeli Jews in his high-handed position towards Israel.

A recent poll by Tel Aviv University for its “Peace Index” found that 70% of Israeli Jews oppose a full surrender of Judea and Samaria and 61% oppose any surrender in these areas, even in exchange for a full peace agreement with the PA.

Meanwhile, a new survey by pollster John Mclaughlin found that 81% of American Jews oppose Israel being forced to retreat to the 1967 pre-1967 lines, a move which Obama has publicly advocated.

Last week the US House of Representatives voted 407-6 to pass a non-binding resolution backing the suspension of funds to the PA should it pursue its bid for a unilateral declaration of statehood by the United Nations in September.

This move was proceeded by a sister resolution in the US Senate, which passed unanimously.

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