Al-Qaeda Leader Killed in Yemen

Senior Al-Qaeda leader Ayed al-Shabwani was killed in fighting in Yemen this week, officials in Yemen announced Thursday. He had been on the government’s wanted list for some time.

Palestinian terrorists
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Palestinian terrorists

Shabwani was among the leaders of an uprising in Yemen aimed at ousting the government and seizing control of the country in the name of Al-Qaeda and Islamist rule. The uprising has so far succeeded in creating an army and establishing its own capital in the southeast of the country.

Shabwani was believed to have been killed in an airstrike in January, but was later found to have survived.

He had been implicated in several attacks on Yemen’s army and police officers.

At least 19 other Al-Qaeda members were killed in fighting in Yemen on Wednesday and Thursday. Thirteen soldiers were killed as well.

Fighting took place near the town of Zinjibar in the Abyan Province. An estimated 90,000 people have fled the region as Al-Qaeda fighters and government troops clash in the area.

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