Israeli Government Video Irks Palestinians (Watch It Here)

Congratulations to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon for taking the initiative in the vital battleground of social media.

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Ayalon’s YouTube video “The Truth About the West Bank” is evidently considered to be such a threat to the distorted Palestinian historical narrative that Saeb Erekat (who still appears to be the chief Palestinian negotiator despite resigning from the position in February 2011) has responded by publicly condemning the video in no uncertain terms.

Here’s your chance to help Israel online.

It’s really simple – click on the video and watch as Danny Ayalon explains the status of the West Bank. In September the Palestinian Authority plans to tie Israel up in legal knots at the UN with an appeal for statehood in the West Bank and Gaza based on the 1948 armistice line (commonly and misleadingly referred to as the “1967 borders”).

Wherever you are on the political map, it’s time that the world is reminded of Israel’s historical and legal rights as well as how Israel found itself in control of the disputed territories.

By simply clicking on this video or sharing it on social media platforms such as Facebook, you won’t just be reminding your own friends and friends of Israel of the facts. You will also be promoting this material “beyond the choir” to the millions of people who browse YouTube and know nothing of the Israeli narrative.

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Evidently, the Palestinians find it difficult when Israel reasserts its rights in the face of the assault on the country’s legitimacy. According to the PA press release:

With this video, the Israeli government has left no doubt on its pro-conflict agenda. Now, the international community knows the Israeli government is committed to denying the Palestinian people their inalienable right to self-determination and on continuing their illegal and colonial enterprise in the occupied Palestinian territory”, said Dr. Saeb Erakat.

Dr. Erakat said this video, presented by the Israeli deputy minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon, denies the validity of UN resolutions and claims that the illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank are a legitimate part of Israel. He added, “This is not an amateur video prepared by an extremist group. An official representing the State of Israel presents a cynical and falsified account of history and international law.

Dr. Erakat continued: “In its desperate attempt to gear international discourse away from the pursuit of genuine peace to the outdated arguments of those who oppose it, this official video went as far as discarding United Nations Resolution 181 (II).” “I want to remind the government of Israel that it was accepted at the UN as a full member based on its acceptance of this resolution” said Dr. Erakat.

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Danny Ayalon

In reaction to the condemnation, Ayalon said: “For too long the Palestinian narrative of international law and rights has gone unchallenged and this over the top reaction to a public diplomacy video proves that they are acting like spoilt children who have had their way for too long. They are unable to challenge a single fact in the video and have completely avoided a legitimate and honest discussion on the issues.

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In the press release, Erekat claims that Israel was accepted to the United Nations on the basis of UN General Assembly Resolution 181. “This false claims shows that Erekat misconstrues international law and its system proving exactly how misguided the Palestinian attempt to have their unilaterally declared state recognized at the United Nations really is. Israel was admitted as a full United Nations member in 1949 by United Nations General Assembly Resolution 273, after a recommendation by the Security Council, because it met the criteria of statehood and signed armistice agreements with our neighbors, something the Palestinians should bear in mind before they further their confrontational and damaging plan towards September.

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