Allen West, Darling of the Israeli Right


In the current climate of deep mistrust and acrimony between the Benjamin Netanyahu-led Israeli coalition government and President Obama, a change of regime at the White House may well be the only way the diplomatic impasse may be broken in the future.

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For the Israelis in particular,the prospect of a sympathetic Republican President in the Oval Office would completely change the dynamics on the ground and bring into sharp focus the harsh realities of the Middle East conundrum which seems to be escaping President Obama and his naive and misguided outreach to a dangerously unstable Muslim world. With that in mind, the Israeli government and the major American Jewish organizations could do worse than turning their attentions to the populist Tea Party pro-Israel Republican Congressman Allen West of Florida 22.

The retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel is the foremost defender of Israel and a Lion of Judah in American politics who passionately supports an undivided and holy Jerusalem.Congressman Allen West vigorously advocates for the retention of the Jewish state in defensible borders and campaigns strongly against the the insidious delegitimization of the State of Israel, and is a leading proponent of a Greater Israel, through the annexation of Judea and Samaria.

Allen is a charismatic leader, patriot and consummate politician, who would undoubtedly galvanise the Republican base support and win votes from both the black and independent bases, making him a feasible and viable GOP contender, well capable of beating the Obama 2012 election machine.

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The election of Allen West as President next year would be a Godsend for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and those Americans who fear America’s global stature is in terminal decline and its domestic and economic policies in tatters.

Peter Paton is an international PR and strategic adviser.

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