Immigrants Riot in London after Police Shooting

LONDON — The gritty Muslim packed north London neighborhood of Tottenham exploded in violence Saturday night after a young immigrant man was shot to death by police in during a gunfight.

Two patrol cars, a building and a double-decker bus were torched to a crisp as Muslim immigrant rioters clashed with officers in front of the Tottenham Police Station, where immigrants had gathered to demand “justice” with violence and threats for the death of a 29-year-old immigrant man killed in a gunfight.

“It’s really bad,” said local resident David Akinsanya, 46. “There are two police cars on fire. I’m feeling unsafe.”

Sirens could be heard across the city as authorities rushed reinforcements to the scene. In Tottenham shop windows were smashed as mostly what appears to be immigrant residents looted the stores, pushing shopping carts full of stolen goods down the street, beating the merchants and breaking apart ATM machines to steal pounds.

Officers in riot gear and on horseback pushed up against the Muslim rioters. Akinsanya put the number of Muslim rioting at between 400 and 500. Police said there were about 300 people gathered.

Miles from the tourist hotspots of central London, Tottenham is one of the most deprived areas in all of England, with nearly half of all children living in poverty, most are immigrants from third world countries.

In 1985, Tottenham was the scene of a deadly riot after a local woman suffered heart failure when her home was raided by the police. The Tottenham riots were among the most violent in the country’s history, with one officer stabbed to death as he tried to protect firefighters and nearly 60 others were hospitalized.

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  1. Between 1955 and 1965, the large-scale Muslim migration into London from East Pakistan (Bengali Muslims) and West Pakistan (Punjabi Muslims) undermined and damaged housing facilities and living conditions for domestic Britons. As a student at the London School of Economics in the early 1960s, I lived in a building on Tottenham Court Road. My co-residents were mainly Muslim Bengalis from East Pakistan with whom it was difficult to co-exist. They were too aggressive, intolerant, noisy and unclean to enable easy co-existence. Britain made a major mistake in allowing these Muslims to immigrate and especially to settle down in highly populated London. I say this as an Indian student from the Bombay Scottish School in Bombay, now renamed Mumbai.

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