Forgery Claims Research Expert Ron Polland PhD: I created Obama’s certification of birth

Though nothing new, it is amazing how issues with Obama’s so-called original birth certificate just keep crawling out of the woodwork.

Earlier this spring, in an attempt to silence well-founded rumors that Obama is in fact not an American citizen – and perhaps not even a legal immigrant! – the White House posted an image of the long-form birth certificate on their official website as well as a link to the previously distributed “Certification of Live Birth,” suspiciously championed by the Obama Administration as the only birth documentation available.

Now, forgery claims research expert Ron Polland, Ph.D., says he made the short-form certificate image that the White House linked on April 27th himself.

The White House continues to claim the black-and-white image is a copy of Obama’s 2007 Certification of Live Birth, but Polland claims it’s the very same image he ( Polland) created to support his contention that the short-form Certificate of Live Birth circulated during the 2008 campaign was a forgery.

So, how did the White House get their hands on it and why did they use it?

Polland explains that all of the short-form versions found on the Internet are forgeries and that Obama’s goonies unknowingly picked his version off of thinking it was the “real thing.”

If you’re not convinced that Polland is telling the truth and exposing the Obama Administration’s pathetic attempt to cover-up what is perhaps the greatest scandal in the Oval Office during our lifetime, just keep reading.

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The White House website, documenting the April 27th press conference, provides the following link to view Obama’s birth certificate:

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If you don’t want to click the link, just look to your right.

Notice anything funny?  No?

Look at the very bottom of the image.

A close-up shows the document was not taken from a White House web page or even from the Hawaii Department of Health which would be the expected source of a document like a president’s birth certificate…

Instead, it was taken from which posted the short-form certificate after it was first published by others in an attempt to quell Patriots who already noticed something fishy about the president’s alleged place of birth and Muslim upbringing.

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For the other part of Polland’s claim – that the birth certificate was HIS forgery – Polland took a screen shot of showing that the link to the Obama document was the URL at which Polland has posted his creation (see left).

And what reason would the Obama Administration have for posting a link to a fake copy on their April 27th attempt to debunk the controversy that no birth certificate existed?

Only one.

Because Obama’s birth certificate doesn’t exist.

Now that Obama and his left-wing cronies in Washington have successfully destroyed America’s credit rating and are being held accountable for lack of responsibility and total ineptitude of leadership, we have our chance to attack the White House on this issue once again.

Right now, while the leftwing media is desperately attempting to shift the blame for our current economic crisis onto the Tea Party, we must act.

Together, we must demand our elected officials in Washington conduct a Congressional Investigation of Barack Hussein Obama and all of the controversy surrounding the delayed release of a long-form birth certificate and why the short-form provided for the American people to review was a fake.

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Only when we have irrefutable proof of Obama’s American citizenship can we feel confident our country’s future and our families’ futures are not being jeopardized on the whim of a foreign-born social radical attempting to destroy our American way of life.

Something stinks in Washington and it’s up to us to demand answers and find out exactly what it is.

Will you help us?

SELECT HERE to help demand a congressional investigation.

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