Israel Defense Force’s New Innovative Solution to Sniper Fire

Enemy snipers have always threatened IDF troops, particularly in recent conflicts in Gaza and Lebanon. Now a new system, revealed on the Israel Defense website, is expected to neutralize the threat posed by snipers quickly and efficiently.

IDF sniper
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IDF sniper

The SpotLite-P system builds on the idea that the best defense is a good offense. Its aim is to locate sources of enemy sniper fire quickly, allowing IDF snipers to target the enemy almost immediately.

The electro-optic system gives IDF snipers a constant flow of information, allowing them to narrow in on enemy snipers quickly and solving the problem of communication between soldiers under fire and snipers during battle.

Among its tools are a thermographic camera, a CCD camera, GPS, a laser indicator, and a data processing unit. The system passes its findings on only to the sniper assigned to that region.

SpotLite, developed by Rafael industries, can begin searching for its target even before the enemy has a chance to open fire. It is designed to seek out suspicious activity, and can be told to focus on a particular area or to ignore select areas, or to review incoming data at a particular pace.

Source material can be found at this site.

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