Israel Will React Forcefully to a Palestinian Attack

“The Palestinians do not want to adhere to their commitments and refuse to recognize that any final agreement will be an end to the conflict,” said Minister for Strategic Affairs Moshe Yaalon Monday at the Interdisciplinary Center’s 11th Conference on Terrorism.

Yaalon at IDC, 9.12.11
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Yaalon at IDC, 9.12.11

“We must recognize,” he stressed, “that surrendering to terror will bring more terror and we must insist that [the PA’s] forgoing terror is a precondition for peace, [along with] changing the education system and stopping the hatred, fighting terror, building institutions and an uncorrupt government.

“We must not let abstract moves delude us. We will react forcefully to any attack,” Yaalon said, in a warning that relates to the mass riots expected in about 10 days, after the PA requests UN recognition as an independent state.

“If the Palestinians continue their move in the UN, breach the Oslo Accords and see themselves as a state, step up their political struggle against Israel and enable more violence, Israel will have to adopt ‘a new reality.'”

Yaalon did not explain whether this “new reality” meant Israeli annexation of land in Judea and Samaria, rejection of the Oslo Accord or some other steps. He explained, however, that he was not referring to punitive means of some sort but about joint action by Israel, the U.S. and other elements “that will have implications for the Palestinian state’s ability to survive.”

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