White House Plot to ‘Humiliate and Destroy’ Birthers

Another brave Patriot is speaking out against Obama’s vital records.

A Hawaii source with inside knowledge has asserted that Obama supporters placed a forged long-form 1961 birth certificate in the vault of the Hawaii Department of Health.

Talk-radio host and former Nixon White House operative G. Gordon Liddy  recently announced that one of his trusted informants in Hawaii reported to him that while the document was forged recently, there may have been tampering with official Obama birth records as far back as 1978.

Could this explain the fishy circumstances surrounding Obama’s short- and long-form birth certificates AND his mysterious Connecticut-based Social Security number that cannot pass E-Verify?

We think so!

Back in February of this year another source claimed that an Obama 1961 birth certificate had been forged and placed in the Hawaii Department of Health Records.

Now that source is saying that the White House, by releasing an electronic file of Obama’s birth certificate, was simply laying a trap as the “official” document released was a computer-generated PDF file, not a scan of an original 1961 birth certificate.

The plan in Washington: to “release a photocopy of the forged ‘original’ to humiliate and destroy the birthers.”

However, the same source has advised us of the Achilles hill of Obama’s strategy…

The Hawaii DOH will not be able to establish a chain of evidence confirming the authenticity of the ‘original’ birth certificate nor with Hawaii DOH officials be able to give precise answers regarding which officials have access under what terms when copying birth records for citizens requesting records for dates surrounding Obama’s birth.

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Among the mysterious circumstances surround Obama’s birth documentation, Kapiolani Medical Center has never produced evidence confirming that Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham Obama, was ever a patient.

The records of the now-deceased attending physician named on Obama’s birth certificate likewise do not corroborate that Dunham was one of his patients in 1961.

Still not convinced the circumstances surrounding Obama’s vital records warrant a congressional investigation?

Just keep reading.

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Radical Obama supporters known as Obama robots, “Obots” for short, have made repeated claims to have stolen 1961-era ink and 1961-era security paper in preparation for forging authentic Obama documents that could pass forensic inspection.

The Obots have already forged an Obama birth certificate supposedly from Kenya known as the “Bomford document,” as well as a Certificate of Loss of Nationality in an attempt to “punk birthers” into thinking Obama had relinquished his citizenship.

The Obots forged the Certificate in response to the State Department’s August 2010 release of documents in two separate FOIA requests revealing for the first time a passport amendment submitted Aug. 13, 1968, in which Obama’s mother identified her son with an Indonesian surname, Soebarkah, and asked the State Department to drop him from her U.S. passport.

Proof that Obama had relinquished his U.S. citizenship in Indonesia would have compromised him from being eligible for president under the natural-born citizen requirement of Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution. 

To date, the Hawaii Department of Health has invoked privacy restraints in its refusal to show the public the original 1961 Obama birth records held in the agency’s vault.

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The DOH also refuses to allow any documents to undergo forensic examination, even though Obama claims to have made a public disclosure of those very same documents on April 27 at a White House press conference.

Folks, Obama’s shot at re-election is getting closer by the minute.

Together, we must demand a congressional investigation of Obama’s vital records. The Obots might be trying to “punk” us into irrelevancy and shame but WE REFUSE TO BE INTIMIDATED.

With your help and continued support, we will find out the truth once and for all.


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