10 Things You Need to Know About Islamic Shariah Law

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1) Jihad is defined in shariah as “warfare to establish the religion [Islam]” and is an obligation for all Muslims for all time until the entire world is subjugated to Islamic law [‘Umdat al-Salik, Section o9.0, pg. 599].

2) All Muslims have a religious duty to strive toward instituting worldwide Shariah law.

3) “Creeping Shariah” is the term used for the slow, methodical, deliberate advance of Islamic law in non-Muslim countries.

4) Official Shariah courts already operate in the UK, handling cases dealing with divorce, domestic violence, and financial disputes. Attempts to introduce Shariah in courts throughout Europe are ongoing. Studies show that Shariah has also been applied or formally recognized in a number of U.S. state court decisions.

5) Shariah commands that drinkers and gamblers be whipped.

6) Shariah commands husbands to beat their wives [Q 4:34].

7) Shariah literally allows for “an eye for an eye,” and commands that a thief must have his hand cut off.

8) Any criticism by both Muslims and non-Muslims of Islam, the Qur’an, shariah, Allah, or Muhammad is deemed to be “slander” under Islamic law and can be punishable by death. This is one major reason why “moderate Muslims” do not speak out about Radical Islam.

9) Islamic law prescribes the death penalty for any Muslim who leaves Islam (i.e., the ‘crime’ of apostasy).

10) According to Islamic law, Muslims can deceive non-Muslims if it benefits Islam. The Quran instructs Muslims to lie to non-Muslims about their beliefs and political goals in order to protect and spread Islam. (There are many examples of today’s Islamic leaders saying one thing to Western media and saying another to their own followers.)

From RadicalIslam.org

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