Senate Cloakroom: October 17 – October 21

Senate Cloakroom: October 17 – October 21

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Analysis: This week the Senate will move to a large appropriations bill which will wrap several individual appropriations together into one legislative package.  Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) will offer an amendment to the House passed Agriculture Appropriations bill which will add the Commerce, Justice and Science as well as the Transportation and Housing and Urban Development appropriations bills.  It will be important to watch what the top line budget number for this so called “minibus” will be and whether they remain at the Ryan Budget levels which passed in the House, move up to the levels deemed in the Budget Control Act or are even higher.  The Senate is expected to remain on this legislation for the entirety of the week.

Major Floor Action:

Major Committee Action:

The House will not be in session this week.

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