AFL-CIO Shells Out Ad Dollars to Support ‘Occupy’ Protests

The “Occupy Wall Street” crowd may be dramatically out of step with the American electorate, but Big Labor likes what it sees. The AFL-CIO union has bought two prominently-placed Google ads for a pair of initiatives supporting the protests.

The search term “occupy wall street” turns up two sidebar ads that link to AFL-CIO websites, as seen in the screenshot below (click to enlarge). Google Adwords, the site’s advertising service, charges 10 cents per click for a prominently-placed ad on that search results page.

The first ad points to, where visitors are greeted with a contact form, an offer for a free bumper sticker, and the option of subscribing to “Occupy” news and event notifications.

The second ad points to a petition site run by Working America, which bills itself as a “Community Affiliate of the AFL-CIO.” The petition generally outlines the generic “Occupy” position on the evils of Wall Street. It even references Bank of America’s so-called “Durbin Fee” (though AFL-CIO declined to use that term), which compensated for price controls on debit cards’ merchant fees by imposing a $5 monthly fee for debit card users.

Numerous polls over the past couple days have shown that the “Occupy” protestors’ radical anti-capitalist views are far outside the mainstream of American public opinion. But then so is Big Labor’s political platform. The AFL-CIO apparently likes what it sees in these protests, and is willing to pay to support them.

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