The Islamist Jihad On Europe

By Peter Paton

Europe today is tottering under a barbaric and savage Medieval Jihad War which is being waged by Radical Islamists who are hell bent on destroying Western Civilization and imposing a Global Islamic Caliphate on us all.The stark reality of Europe’s economic collapse and the imminent downfall of the Euro Zone and the Euro, are the direct results of colossal Terrorism, Infiltration and Corruption at every level of society, being perpetrated large scale by radical Islamists in host countries in Europe.

This Grand Islamic Inquisition is being committed specifically by criminal wings of ISIS, Al Queda and Jihadi Islami in the key areas of Government , State and Council online procurement scams and frauds, widespread abuse and financial cheating in housing, social, benefits and charitable entities by the agents and foot soldiers of the relentless Islamic Crusade against the citadels and strongholds of the Judean Christian culture and commerce.

Until and unless the leaders in Europe and the West wake up to face honestly the extent and nature of the beast we are dealing with in this Existential war, there can be no fightback to arrest the situation. Massive Terrorist and Cyber Security attacks on our defense, military and technological assets are occurring on a daily basis from hostile Islamic countries and their proxies, intent on our doom and destruction.The very fabric of  European way of life is being stripped bare by these fanatical oppressors, who don’t even have to fire a bullet or missile in anger against us to prevail, having succeeded already in bringing about the first financial and economic collapse in the West, and who are who are now primed to initiate the final coup de gras on our sovereign states, whilst Europe and its Allies struggle fruitlessly to survive and defend itself in the politically correct straight jackets of absurd rules of engagement.

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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