Making Policy Research Accessible to Us All

With our freedoms under assault on so many fronts—at the Supreme Court, in Congress, in the Executive Branch, and at the state level—how can Americans stay up-to-speed on current public policy concerns? To better provide the news and analysis you need, in the format you want, this week Heritage has given our website a major overhaul.

Now all ten landing pages in Heritage’s ten-year Leadership for America campaign feature an easy-to-use, organized layout. From hot topics like Health Care and Enterprise Free Markets, to important issues affecting our future including Energy Environment and Entitlements, these ten landing pages link to the latest blog posts, videos, commentary and in-depth reports by Heritage researchers.

First Principles, which applies the Constitution to today’s policy battles, appropriately was the first landing page to be refreshed. For some of the ten action teams, this relaunch has been more than a cosmetic makeover.

Heritage’s Rule of Law team launched an e-newsletter, Liberty and Justice for All, in tandem with the redesign. Thousands of readers joined the list before a single edition was even sent. This enabled Heritage to survey subscribers and use their valuable input to create features that would best serve readers’ needs. Learn more and sign up for Heritage e-newsletters here.

Whether you are most concerned about domestic issues like Education, foreign policy (American Leadership, Protect America), or social matters (Family Religion), the new is designed to be more than just visually appealing. Each new headline, analysis, and video reflects a grand vision for the future of America—based not on whims or what’s popular, but rather on our nation’s founding principles.

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What do you think of the new look? Please provide your comments and ideas below.

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