Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Half-Uncle, Onyango Obama, Wants His Drunken Driving Case Tossed

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Obama’s illegal immigrant half-uncle, Onyango Obama, argued in court yesterday that his arrest on a drunken driving charge this summer violated his constitutional rights.

Uncle “Omar,” a liquor store clerk who entered the United States illegally from Kenya, and who has evaded a deportation order for nearly two decades, wants the evidence suppressed and the case thrown out.

His nephew, Barack Hussein Obama, already has the backdoor amnesty deportation guidelines in place to help – it’s up to us to see justice serve Onyango Obama with a one-way ticket back to Kenya!

Onyango “Omar” Obama’s lawyer plans to file a motion to suppress the Aug. 24 traffic stop, claiming he questions the legality of the illegal immigrant’s arrest on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to the attorney, the arrest violated Uncle Omar’s Fourth Amendment right against unlawful search and seizure DESPITE the fact that he nearly crashed into an unmarked police cruiser after running a stop sign AND blew nearly double the legal limit when given a Breathalyzer.

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Uncle Omar even asked in vain to call the White House when arrested.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama was too preoccupied with re-writing deportation guidelines to be bothered.

Shortly after the arrest of Obama’s Uncle, the White House said that Obama was unaware of yet another illegal immigrant relative in the United States and would not intervene on his behalf like he did for his Aunt Zeituni Onyano in 2010.

Obama’s FIRST illegal immigrant relative – Aunt Zeituni Onyango – received a deportation waiver in 2010 after living on taxpayer dollars since 2002. And we can’t let it happen again.

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In 1992, Obama’s uncle was ordered deported but was able to slip through the gaping holes in our federal immigration system – until now.

With an amnesty-loving vote-grubbing nephew in the Oval Office, the deck is stacked in favor of amnesty for Uncle Omar.

Obama is ready to pull whatever strings necessary to stop his uncle from being deported, but we’re here to make sure Uncle Omar is treated for what he is – JUST ANOTHER ILLEGAL ALIEN WHO COMMITS A DANGEROUS CRIME.

He is also an alleged drunk driver. Last year, 10,839 Americans died at the hands of a drunk driver.

Of the 240,000 illegal immigrants committed and convicted of additional crimes, only 30,000 have been deported – and those are only the ones that got caught just like Uncle Omar.

A hearing on the motion is scheduled for Jan. 12. Let’s make sure Onyango Obama is found guilty and given a one way flight back to Kenya. After all, isn’t one Obama in America dangerous enough?


Help MMPAC Deport Uncle Omar!

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