Liberal Lie: Illegals Don’t Take American Jobs.

One of the points that conservatives repeatedly make is that Americans could solve a major part of the unemployment problem if they were  to fix the illegal immigration mess. Liberals always claim Americans don’t want those jobs taken by Illegals.

Alabama passed a law effectively criminalizing working if you’re here illegally, and guess what happened?

Unemployment rates have fallen in Alabama amid new legal pressure on companies to comply with a popular immigration reform law.

September was the first full month that the reform was in force, and the unemployment rate fell from 9.8 percent in September to 9.3 percent in October, according to a Nov. 18 report from the state government.

The rates fell from 9.9 percent to 9 percent in Etowah County, from 8.8 percent to 8.1 percent in Marshall county, and from 11.6 percent to 10.6 percent in DeKalb county.

More to the point the unemployment rate fell in every county.

Now nationally where no laws have been implemented, the unemployment rate fell by only 0.1% in October, while the decreases in Alabama as a whole was dramatically greater,  or rather five times greater and its only the first month.

Again: If you want to take a big bite out of our rampant unemployment problem stop coddling illegal invaders and instead prosecute both them and the employers of those illegal invaders so our citizens can have the jobs.

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