Israel Defense Ministry Looking Into Israeli Spyware Sales to Iran

The Ministry of Defense said on Friday that it is looking into a report that Israeli-made internet-monitoring software was being used in Iran.

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Channel 10 News quoted the Defense Ministry as having said that the appropriate course of action will be decided upon based on the findings of the investigation.

Earlier on Friday, Bloomberg reported that software distributor RanTek in Denmark has been stripping away packaging and labels from products produced by the Israeli company Allot and then re-selling the software to Iran.

The sales violate a strict Israeli ban that prohibits “trading with the enemy,” including any shipments that reach Iran, Syria and Lebanon. Allot officials say they didn’t know their software was being redistributed to Iran.

“We do not authorize any sales to Iran,” a spokesman for Allot told Bloomberg, adding that if its products were shipped to Iran by RanTek it would constitute a “breach of contract.”

Source material can be found at this site.

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