China Is More Concerned Than It Reveals on Japan-India Ties

The Japan India summit has concluded with both sides boosting security cooperation and Japan helping India out economically. This is what emerged from a joint statement by Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh.

Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh

The two leaders announced said that the Maritime Self-Defense Force and the Indian Navy will conduct joint exercises next year to beef up maritime security in the Indian Ocean (an extension of Japan’s military activity).

Tokyo will invest $4.5 billion over the next five years to promote the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor project, an industrial zone that will provide employment in six Indian states.

Noda and Singh expressed hope that Japanese and Indian companies will form joint ventures to produce and trade rare earth metals, a move with economic repercussions for China that had hoped to corner the market..

According to the Japanese daily Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan hoped to put pressure on China, the observers said, which has intensified its activities in the high seas recently. The agreement is a continuation of growing military ties that began in 2008 under prime minister Taro Aso and have matured since then.

Both countries are concerned with China’s naval expansion. Japan has had territorial disputes with China over issues in the East China Sea, primarily over the Senkaku Islands.

India, looks suspiciously at China’s growing presence in South Asian waters near India.

The two  leaders emphasized the mutually shared values, an implication that they were both kindred democracies while China was not.

China looked on as the leaders met and one could see a disconnect between official reaction and unofficial comment in a review published in the China Daily.

The official reaction regarded the summit benevolently. China according to Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei  welcomed mutual visits between India and Japan and sought to “actively develop” relations with both countries.

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“Both China and Japan think peaceful coexistence, mutually beneficial cooperation and common development are in the interests of the people of the two countries, and the peace, stability and development of the region,” Hong said.

However the paper cited Chinese experts on Japan who took a more jaundiced view.

Lu Yaodong, director of the department of Japanese diplomacy at the Institute of Japanese Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said Japan has claimed its efforts in building alliances are to “tackle the uncertainty of the rise of regional power, which actually means China”.

Zhou Yongsheng, a professor of Japanese studies at China Foreign Affairs University, said that since Noda assumed office, Japan’s policies on counterbalancing China have become more apparent, and his visit to India to make their ties closer is one of these measures.

Noda’s cabinet has “formed a strategy of containing China by shaping an arc from Northeast Asia to Southeast Asia, with the US as a backup force.”

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  1. The US is over extended and is opening new fronts while still reeling from the after effects of the Bush wars in Iraq (Three Trillion Dollars and 5000 Body Bags as a hired Gun of Saudi Arabia). China’s lebensraum is in its near neighbourhood. Not with standing hopeful speculations of “Cost Disease” in the PLA, China’s military expenditure doubling every year is more than enough, when combined with a strong alliance that the US has forged between Russia and China (what with Clinton’s deliberate dismantling of the Reagan-Gorbachev understanding being followed through by successive US regimes) to out trump the US with US dependencies well within the range of Russia-China fists.
    While Xi (who must be obeyed) has the PLA cavorting on Indian territory during his visit to India. Narendra G Modi Saheb has cancelled joint naval exercises with Japan to avoid offending China. Narendra G Modi Saheb and Co seem to be You Pay 3.0 in more ways than one. This is something I had written nearly two years ago;” That Nehruvianism works in India is not in doubt. The better man loses in Courts, and elsewhere to the raw power of Stalinism, but to expect countries outside India’s border to succumb willingly to Nehruvian Hobby Horses might be a step too far.
    If, indeed, India’s ruling politicians and bureaucrats had National interest in mind rather than their own, would they have gone on public record announcing that Daulat Beg Oldi does not belong to India? The “Hon’ble” (for they are all honourable men) External Affairs Minister, Salman Khurshid stated that possession of Daulat Beg Oldi is all about “perceptions” and the Hon’ble Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde proclaimed Daulat Beg Oldi as
    “NO MAN’s LAND”. Well, it is China’s now. Line of “ACTUAL
    CONTROL”. Remember? “Possesion is nine tenths of the law”. While
    the Home Minister might hope that China will forget what he said, like India’s vote-fodder will forget Coal Gate and Bofors (which last, he expressed in a public speech), this is unlikely. China works out its strategies on a fifty year horizon. In International Fora, they will now claim, with considerable
    credibility, that India’s rulers officially gave up their claim on Daulat Beg Oldi and that it is the jingoism of isolated media and military elements that are pushing for India to grab well established Chinese territory. Pakistan provides India’s rulers with a comparatively harmless bogey man to bully for their Indian “limited bullets” audience. It is when these jackals that rule India encounter lions like China and the US, that their mettle is
    exposed. The World will not stand still and wait for India to catch up. Indias
    ruling elites have had an easy time of exploiting the starving, illiterate, defecating-in-the-open, vote fodder to pass totalitarian laws and strip the middle class through inflation or expropriation for squirreling away in their “safe haven” accounts. They are nonplussed when they come across a foreign power that, as is their own wont, does not adhere to established rules. They do not have competence or integrity because the Indian political system does not give power to either factor. Corruption, which is high treason, as it hollows out the Nation, is the primary qualification to rule India. a few days ago, the Govt agreed further amendments to the anti-graft law to ensure that Indias corrupt extortionists are still better protected from retribution and that it will remain business as usual.
    The signals on Chinas intentions towards India were loud and clear long ago. In this regard, I had written in the Los Angeles Times and the Japan Times advocating an alliance between India, Japan and the US in 2006. The PLAs recent documents presented to their “New” Rulers on the doctrine of “War Zones” and starting limited wars in their periphery to become militarily unchallenged are explicit. India, though, has always had a penchant for the ornamental and the absurd rather than any traction on National Security because the limits of the horizons of Indias ruling elites is the “Z Class” personal security that they probably feel will protect them from all enemies and the “strategic depth” that will allow them to withdraw and re group in Switzerland and Mauritius.
    The real question that lingers in my mind is whether Julian Assange will ever let India know how much China paid into politicians’ coffers for the purchase of Daulat Beg Oldie, the only viable air field in the area, which together with
    Chinas road and rail infrastructure, now gives China absolute strategic and tactical superiority in the theater and an impregnable beach head for the further invasion of India, as made explicit in their published military doctrine.

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