VIDEO: Gov. Scott Walker Reflects on Wisconsin Government Union Reforms

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One year ago Republican Gov. Scott Walker took office in Wisconsin with an ambitious budget plan to set his state on a new course. Democrats revolted in protest, even fleeing the state to prevent a vote on the measure. Walker was ultimately able to make reforms to government unions, but now faces the prospect of a recall election that might cost him his job.

In a new video from The Daily Caller, Ginni Thomas interviews Walker about out-of-control labor costs and their threat to economic prosperity. He discussed the situation facing Wisconsin and why other governors — Republicans and Democrats — have taken similar actions to address pension and health-care costs.

“I think any of us who are honest understand if you don’t get legacy costs under control, it’s a virus that will eat up and eat up and eat up more and more of your budget,” Walker said. “It’s the same problem that Chrysler and GM got into, and state and local governments have to fix it.”

Walker also addressed the likelihood of a recall election during the Daily Caller interview. Walker’s critics face a deadline of Tuesday to secure enough signatures to force a vote. They’re confident they will meet the threshold, planning a party with MSNBC’s Ed Schultz to celebrate.

Last year Heritage sent a team to Wisconsin to report on the union-backed protest. Watch our interview with Walker and myth vs. fact video about about the debate over government unions.

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