Qu’ran: The World’s Most Dangerous Book

The September 11th attackers based their actions in complete detail on verses from this book. Since 9/11 alone, there have been over 18,300 fatal, islamically motivated attacks. In the 1400 years of its existence, the aggression in the name of Islam has cost 270 million people their lives, according to the Shoebat Institute. Brothers use these verses when they kill their sisters who have lived “unislamically,” fathers to force their daughters into marriage. In many European cities, there are counter-societies growing that find their basis for walling themselves off from Western societies in this book: the Quran.

(By PI Munich)

The Turkish author Zafer Senocak, who has dealt in extensively with Islam, summed it up in a clear and unmistakable way in his detailed article “Terror comes from the heart of Islam” at Welt Online:

“Even when most Muslims don’t want to admit it, terror comes from the heart of Islam; it comes right out of the Quran.

It is oriented against everyone who doesn’t live and behave according to the rules of the Quran, thus against democrats, Western-inspired thinkers and scholars, against agnostics and atheists. It is especially oriented against women. It is the handiwork of a male-centric Islam, one that would exert all power possible to prevent women from being equal and finding an end to their centuries-long subjugation.”

The ageless relevance of the Quran, the immense consequences of its contents and its disastrous implication for us “infidels” can’t be the subject of discussion often enough. PI Munich, therefore, has prepared an analysis about this titled “The Quran – The World’s Most Dangerous Book. Here are a few excerpts from it:

This book is grossly underestimated in the Western world. But it is not just any book: it is the Holy Book of all Muslims. For them, every word in it comes directly from the god Allah:

“The sending down of this book is doubtlessly from the lord of the worlds” (32:2)

The Quran is full of guidelines and commands. They are clearly formulated and, according to Islamic opinion, ageless as well as unalterable:

“This is with all certainty the book of Allah, that gives no reason for doubt; it is a proper guide for the devout.” (2:2)

This religion has easy to understand, simple principles: Muhammad is the last of the prophets, for Muslims the “perfect person” and their “perfect example.” He received every instruction from Allah through the angel Gabriel. Islam means submission, and thus all believers must submit themselves to Allah’s will. Any form of criticism or contradiction is uncompromisingly prohibited:

“This happens because they resist Allah and his emissary; and those who resist Allah – truly Allah is strict in punishment.” (59:4)

Muslims must recognize the teachings which Muhammad used to influence his compatriots in the Arab bedouin society as universally applicable. His god Allah intends that belief in him be enforced against all other religions. And in a militant way, to be sure:

“It is He who sent his emissary with leading and the true religion so that He will cause it to be the victor over every other religion. And Allah is witness enough.” (48:28)

Therefore, a battle follows, willed by God against Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and others, that has already caused 270 million deaths, according to estimates by the Shoebat Institute. This god Allah, in all seriousness, wants the battle to the ultimate victory against his own creatures:

“Allah has commanded it: Of a certainty, I will win, I and my emissary. Truly, Allah is strong and mighty.” (58:21)

Islam is also supposed to seize international authority, which makes a separation of state and religion impossible:

To Allah belongs the lordship over heaven and earth. Allah has the authority over all.” (3:189)

This god leaves no question about his plans. Non-believers don’t need to have illusions about supposed tolerance or peacefulness:

“Allah will prove the devout and exterminate the infidels” (3:141)

Any person that doesn’t accept this idea of a threatening and battle-thirsty god is bullied:

“This is nothing other than an admonishment and a clear Qur’an in which he warns everyone alive and fulfills the word against the infidels.” (36:69)

It has been handed down through islamic history that Muhammad had many of his critics killed. This killing is not only allowed in the Quran, rather it is explicitly instructed. The word “kill (or ‘slay’)” appears 189 times in the Quran, 27 times in the imperative:

“And kill them wherever you happen upon them, and drive them out from the place where they have driven you out; for the deception of the infidels is worse than killing. However, do not fight them at the holy mosque unless they fight against you there. Attack them, however, and slay them dead. Such is the reward of the infidels.” (2:191)

Have you not wondered about the notorious assurances by Muslim representatives since 9/11 that Islam is a “peaceful religion” and that violence has “nothing to do with Islam”? Mohammed Atta and his co-believers acted, for example, according to the following verse in their airplane attacks in the US among others:

“Allah has redeemed the life and goods from the devout for Paradise: They battle for Allah’s cause; they kill and are killed” (9:11)

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Such unmistakable instructions are learned in 40,000 Quran schools worldwide. In Germany, around one hundred thousand young Muslims are indoctrinated each year with such verses. It is to be feared that the breeding ground has been cultivated for future terrorist generations.

“And when the holy months are over, then kill the idol worshippers wherever you find them, and attack them and besiege them andlure them out with any trap. However, if they repent and carry out the prayer and pay the Zakah, then make the way free for them. Truly, Allah is all forgiving, merciful” (9:5)

These clear calls for killing apply for all time, and especially when Jihad is declared. Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah and other fanatical theocratic warriors are obedient pupils of their master Muhammad:

“When you meet the infidels, then off with the head, until you havewreaked a massacre among them; then tie the bonds. After this, do not demand grace or ransom until the war takes its burden from you. It is that way. And if Allah had willed, he could have done the extermination himself, but he wanted to test one of you through the others. And those who have fallen in the way of Allah – he will never nullify it.” (47:4)

Therefore, battling and Islam quite plainly belong inextricably together:

It is commanded of you to fight, even if it is repulsive to you. However, it may be that the thing repulsive to you is that which is good for you; and it may be that the thing you like is bad for you. And Allah knows, but you do not know.” (2:216)

When infidels stand up against the warlike islamic expansion or criticize its ideology, monstrous punishment is thought out for them:

The reward of the one who feuds with Allah and his emissary and carries out corruption on the earth is that they will be killed or crucified, or that their hands and feet will be cut off in turns, or that they will be driven out of the country. It will be a disgrace for them in this world and in the afterlife a serious punishment will be meted out to them. (5:33)

Every warrior of god is instilled with the idea that in all his work he is constantly being monitored by his strict lord in heaven:

“And fight in Allah’s way and know that Allah hears all and is omniscient.” (2:244)

But not only is battle a duty in Islam, the goading of other believers into holy war is as well:

“Therefore battle for Allah’s sake – you will be held responsible for nobody but yourself – and encourage the believers to battle. Perhaps Allah will hold back the power of those who are unbelieving; and Allah’s power is much greater, and he is stricter in punishment.” (4:84)

This battle is also richly rewarded in which Muhammad plays down the meaning of terrestrial life, but emphasizes that of the afterlife:

“Therefore, let those fight for Allah’s sake, who sell the earthly life for the prize of the hereafter. And to the one who fights for Allah’s sake, whether he is killed or wins, we will give a great reward.” (4:74)

According to official islamic sources, Muhammad was involved in 89 military actions in the space of ten years. Thus, since its beginnings, Islam has been an ideology of perpetual battle to the end that there will be only Muslims in the world:

And battle against them so that no more seduction can take place, and fight until all honor is given to Allah alone. Separate yourself, however, from the infidel, for truly, Allah sees very well what you do.” (8:39)

In the face of these perpetual war campaigns, Muhammad had to motivate his followers effectively. This was accomplished with the help of Allah:

Oh prophet, stir the fires of battle within the believers. If there are only twenty among you that have patience, they shall overcome two hundred; and if there one hundred among you, they will overcome one thousand who do not believe, because they are a people who do not understand.” (8:65)

There is much of battle and killing in the Quran; talk of love, in contrast, appears only seldom – except for with brave warriors:

Truly, Allah loves those who fight for his cause, arrayed in an order of battle as though they were entrenched stonework.” (61:4)

Scruples or a bad conscience in killing is removed from the Muslims – for it is really Allah himself killing through the hands of the devout:

You did not kill them, rather Allah has killed them. And you have not thrown as you have thrown, but Allah threw, and through that he causes the devout to undergo a beautiful test from him. Surely, Allah is all hearing and all knowing.” (8:17)

The most dangerous thing about the islamic ideology of violence is the absence of the fear of death. For the god of the Muslims rewards all who die in battle:

“And truly, if you are slain or die in the way of Allah, truly, Allah’s forgiveness and mercy is better than that which you scrape together.And if you die or are slain, you will be gathered together before Allah.” (3:157)

Muhammad recognized that the fighting power of his companions was considerably greater with a contempt for death than with a fear of death:

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“And do not consider those as dead who have fallen in Allah’s way. No!They live with their lord, and there they are cared for.” (3:169)

Fallen warriors also receive a remission of sins with Allah and are taken directly to Paradise. This separates them from all other Muslims who do not know for sure whether they will enter Paradise.

“And those who migrated away and were driven out of their houses and suffered in my way and fought and fell – truly, I will wipe away all their misdeeds, and truly, I will lead them into gardens where the brooks hasten by, as a reward from Allah. And with Allah is the best reward.” (3:195)

Muslims are instructed in the Quran to wage battle without compromise as soon as they find themselves in a promising position.

“Truly those who are infidels and turn away from Allah’s way, and then die as infidels – Allah will in no wise pardon them. Therefore, do not diminish the battle and do not call for a cease-fire where you have the upper hand. And Allah is with you, and he will not diminish your deeds.” (47:34)

This warlike prophet sees himself as the inexorable pioneer employed by his god Allah in the slaughter of the “infidels”:

It doesn’t befit a prophet to make prisoners until he slaughters on earth. You desire this world’s goods, but Allah desires the afterlife for you. And Allah is mighty and wise.” (8:67)

All “infidels” are dedicated to destruction according to the Quran:

But those who are unbelieving – down with them! He causes their works to fail. It is this way because they hate him whom Allah has sent; therefore he brings their works to nought.” (47:8)

Muhammad demands uncompromised battle with a contempt for death from his followers, and for this he promises them Paradise in the afterlife:

“However, the Sent One and the devout ones with him who fight with their goods and their blood are the ones on whom good will be bestowed; and they are the ones who will have success. Allah has prepared gardens for them through which brooks flow; there they are to spend eternity. That is the greatest bliss.” (9:88)

Allah cares for his warriors after the death of battle:

“And for those who migrate away for Allah’s will and then are slain or die, Allah will prepare a splendid provision. Truly, Allah – he is the best provider.” (22:58)

But in Paradise, not only worldly goods await the devout. Muhammad knew how to entice his warriors with sexual temptations:

“… and we will wed them with virgins. They will desire fruits of all kinds there and live in security. Death they will not taste there except for the first death. And he will keep them from the punishment of the Jahim as a grace from their lord. That is the greatest bliss. (44:51)

Muhammad describes these virgins in the afterlife very vividly so that he can develop the desired effect among his warriors:

“Truly, there is gain for those that fear God: Gardens and berry hedges and girls with swelling breasts, companions and cups filled to overflowing.” (78:31)

In contrast to the enticing promise of Paradise, all “infidels” are threatened with the worst hell:

“…We have prepared a fire for the evil doers so that they will be enclosed as in a tent. And when they cry for help, they will be helped with water like molten metal that burns the faces. How terrible is the drink and how wicked their place of rest!” (18:29)

Muhammad’s fantasy knew no limits where it had to do with the deterring portrayal of suffering in hell:

“For those who are now unbelieving, their clothing will be singed by fire; boiling water will be poured over their heads so that what is in their bellies and their skin will melt. And iron clubs have been determined for them. As often as they try to escape the distress, they will be driven back to it; and that means: Taste the punishment of burning.” (22:19)

The prophet also promised earthly goods, which he very easily has taken away from the “infidels.” And thus, in the Quran there is a complete Sura that bears the name “The Spoils.” For himself, he secured a 20% commission:

And know that whatever you may take as spoils, a fifth of that belongs to Allah and his emissary and the relatives and the orphans and those in need and the son of the way, if you believe in Allah and in that which we have sent down to our servant on the day of decision, the day when both hosts met together; and Allah has authority over all things.” (8:41)

So motivated, the Muslim armies were able to subdue the Arab peninsula in just a few years.

Allah has promised much booty, which you will make, and he has given this quickly over to you and has held the hands of men from you so that this will be a sign for the devout, and that he will lead you on a straight path.” (48:20)

This way, Islam expanded with lighting speed in all directions because Allah promised rich spoils throughout:

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And another part of the spoils that you have failed to obtain, Allah has done so in his power. And Allah has power over all things.” (48:21)

The quickly growing armies were instructed to leave their homeland in order to carry the battle to other lands, and thus increase Islam’s dominion:

Those that believe and migrate away, and fight with their goods and their blood for Allah’s sake receive the highest rank with Allah; and they are the ones who will overcome.” (9:20)

With such godly instructions in their baggage, the Muslim armies were able, even after Muhammad’s death in 632, to plow through unprecedentedly successful campaigns all the way to France.

Move out, light and heavy, and fight with your goods and your blood for Allah’s sake! It is better for you, if you only knew it!” (9:41)

A disregard for this philosophy of expansion brings serious consequences with it:

If you do not move out, he will punish you with painful punishment, and will choose another people in your place, and you will certainly will not be able to hurt him. And Allah has the power over all things.” (9:39)

Muhammad also convinced the Muslims of a superior position of exception, which principally means the justification for the takeover of power in any country:

You are the best fellowship that has ever existed for the people. You will command that which is right and forbid the wrong, and you will believe in Allah. And if the people of the scriptures had believed, it would have been good for them! There are believers among you, but the majority of them are evil doers.” (3:110)

The “people of the scriptures” are Christians and Jews. Everyone among them who doesn’t believe in Allah are therefore evil doers. In the course of taking over power, the humiliation of those in other faiths is highest law:

Humiliation is commanded for them wherever they are met, unless they would be secure because of their bond with Allah or with the people. And they draw to themselves the anger of Allah, and poverty is commanded for them because they denied Allah’s signs and unjustly murdered the prophets. Such a thing happens since they were rebellious and transgressors.” (3:112)

Every dissident thinker is warned about resistance:

Truly, those that resist Allah and his emissary will certainly be humiliated, even as those who were humiliated before them; and truly, we have already sent clear signs down. And the infidel will be imparted with a shameful sign.” (58:5)

The principle of subjugation and demand for tribute can also be best recognized from the supposedly peaceful period of islamic government in Spain. For in “Al Andalus” relative quietness ruled when the Jews and Christians bowed to massive pressure, submitted themselves as second-class people, accepted considerably fewer rights and paid additional taxes.

Fight against those who do not believe in Allah and in the last day, and those who do not declare forbidden what Allah and his emissary have declared forbidden, and those who do not follow the true faith – from those who have received the scriptures until they pay tribute from their own hand in complete submission.” (9:29)

Mercy exists in Islam only among one another in the Umma, the fellowship of Muslims. Infidels, on the other hand, deserve harsher forms of handling:

“Muhammad is the emissary of Allah. And those who are with him areharsh against the infidels, but merciful to each other. You see them bow in prayer, prostrate themselves and strive for Allah’s grace and favor. Their character can be seen in their faces: the signs of prostration.” (48:29)

The one who resists Islam is threatened with the worst punishment. Long-term pPeaceful coexistence with such an ideology is impossible.

“The lord instructed his angels: “I am with you; therefore, strengthen the believers. Into the hearts of the unbelievers I will cast fear. Therefore, slit their throats and strike every finger off from them!” (8:12)

Europe has defended itself successfully throughout the centuries against the islamic attempts of invasion: 732 Poitiers, 1529 Vienna, 1571 Lepanto and 1683 Vienna yet again. Islam has never belonged in Europe, but it has constantly wanted to conquer it. It didn’t work militarily, so now they are attempting to do so by stealth. Thus it behooves every European with common sense to make the statement: Islam, at least in its 1400 year old empirically comprehensible from, should also not be allowed in Europe!

Dutch politician Geert Wilders says the following about this:

“Islam is not a religion but an ideology that labels itself through murder and killing. We Europeans have the duty to resist it.”

If the islamic associations and organizations in Europa do not distance themselves in an obliglatory way from the Sharia, the verses in the Quran that legitimize violence and killing, from the discrimination against those of other faiths, from the oppression of women and from the sole claim to world power, then there is the threat, considering developments in demographics, of the complete islamization of the continent within few decades.

The original German article of this Qu’ran analysis can be found here.



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