Iranian War Threat Chasing Away Investors from Israel

Talk of war with Iran is scaring investors away from Israel even though the country’s growing economy and hi-tech industry are considered a gold mine, according to the Calcalist business newspaper.

Invest in Israel, Says Bloomberg
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Invest in Israel, Says Bloomberg

“We Israelis do not recognize the concept of risk. We live here and raise our children here. But the situation with Iran is a top priority for every investor today, Yuval Cohen, head of a top investment in Israel, told Calcalist.

Another investment fund director flatly stated, “Foreigners are afraid of Israel,” but Yishai David, another investment fund executive, disagreed. He said that security is a legitimate question but that does not undermine the positive factors of Israel’s opportunities for investors.

Cohen responded, “We are all optimistic here, but at dinner, when you sit with investors, you hear their doubts.  We look not good. I heard them like a broken record.”

Despite the fears, all agree that in the long-term Israel is a good bet for foreign investors.

Israel boasts more companies on New York’s NASDAQ exchange than any other country in the world outside of the United States and Canada.

American hi-tech companies have gobbled up Israeli companies at a startling rate, and the New-Jersey bases Avaya  video conferencing company is set to snap up Israel’s Radvision for $225 million, Globes reported Wednesday.

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