Samaria Gives Twice Its Share of Israeli Combat Soldiers

More than two thirds of young men from Samaria who join the IDF serve in combat units. IDF statistics show that 67.1% of the young men who enlist serve in combat, as opposed to the national average of 39.5%.

IDF soldiers
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IDF soldiers

81.2% of Samaria’s draft-age men join the IDF after completing high school, after Hesder yeshiva studies or after a attending a pre-military preparatory academy. The national average is 74.8%.

Additional men enlist later, after several years’ study in a high yeshiva.

One of six soldiers who grew up in Samaria is an officer. This is twice the national average of 6.3%.

IDF Personnel Branch Head Maj. Gen. Orna Barbivai reported the statistics to Samaria regional authority head Gershon Mesika and sent him a letter expressing her appreciation for Samaria’s contribution to the IDF.

Mesika said that the youth in Samaria “is educated upon the values of settling the Land of Israel and is a daily participant in making Zionism a reality, and therefore it is no wonder that it leads and is the country’s spearhead in the military sphere as well.”

Source material can be found at this site.

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