Abdelkader Merah ‘Proud’ of His Brother’s Terrorist Attacks on Jews in France

PARIS — The brother of the gunman who killed seven people last week was taken to Paris on Saturday for further questioning, and a police source disclosed that the man had said he was “proud” of his brother’s killing spree.

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Abdelkader Merah arrested in France

Abdelkader Merah, older brother of Mohammed Merah, 23, who was fatally shot by police after a standoff Thursday, also admitted helping his brother steal the motor scooter he used in all seven killings, although he denied knowing of his deadly intent. Abdelkader Merah and his wife, who also was transferred to Paris, were arrested early Wednesday as negotiators sought their help in trying to persuade Merah to turn himself in.

Merah’s mother, arrested at the same time, was released Friday evening. Her attorney said she told him “she saw nothing coming”.

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