The Real Martin and Zimmerman Please Step Forward

Zimmerman has already been convicted and sentenced by the media and President Obama before any of the facts are even out. Race baiting for ratings as usual. Other omitted facts Martin was recently kicked out of school for possession of drugs. The media leaves these thing out and uses old pictures to push the reader into the direction of their choice.

Updated pictures from Martin and Zimmermans Facebook pages.

Pictures the Media refuses to publish

Witness: Martin attacked Zimmerman (FULL STORY HERE)

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  1. still looks like a young skinny black kid against a big old stronger white guy to me: doesn’t change the narrative

    • Zimmerman initiated the contact. Trayvon, in accordance with the “Stand your Ground” law. had the right to confront the man who was following him and to use whatever force he deemed necessary to respond to the threat. (Regardless of what the man looked like).

    • stranger – danger,…..if I’m walking home and someone approaches me stating racial slurs like Zimmerman did ( recorded on 911 call) I would stand my ground. 911 ordered him not to go after this kid, he had a gun which is against the law in neighborhood watches – plus this neighborhood watch was not certified. This kid had no weapon – It was murder.

      • There was NO slurs! “These a-holes always get away” means anyone, and the other so-called “slur” was “”F***ing PUNK” Pleople are using another word, and that is WRONG. Listen with NEW Skullcandy headphones.. he said PUNK. I listened 10 times – 5 with phones 5 without and it was VERY clear – NO SLURS! Listen MORE carefully on that 911 call. People are saying he said what he did NOT to start trouble. Plain and simple. I beieve a witness who was feet away before I believe anyone else. go to the UK Mail Online newspaper. You cannot use a pic of a kid at age 14 to pull heartstrings. the UK Mall has recent pics AND news the US media isn’t putting out for us, the public. Zimmerman WAS defending himself per witness account – NOT murder – self defense!!

    • Lol I thought the same thing. Zimmerman got more than he bargained for so like a punk he had to shoot to kill because he can’t fight. Maybe he will pick that skill up in prison!

    • Mr Zimmerman isn’t white you dumb ass liberal. Liberal news media is reporting Mr Zimmerman is a white Hispanic so I guess that makes obama a white negro.

  2. So now we really know who these two people are based on two images? George on his later picture doesn’t look like he is a lunatic vigilante with a gun, but he is. Trayvon looks like what a typical teenager is looking like these days (Justin Beiber included). As much as I don’t like when young boys and men wear their pants hanging down it is still not against the law (at least in some cities). Dressing this way as a teen makes him no more responsible for his death than a teenage girl in a mini skirt and low cut top who gets raped. So to suggest middle fingers blazing and shirtless is threatening and business suit means non threatening is ignorant. Last I checked there are more people who rob banks dressed like Zimmerman than hoodies and low hanging pants wearers.

    • @Nikki the pictures are simply updated photos, conclude from them as you wish. Using a old mug shot of Zimmerman and a very young picture of Martin, both pictures many years old is not logical if there are more updated photos available, that was the point.

      If you feel the pictures point to the direction on is a ‘lunatic vigilante’ so be it, we felt using their most updated Facebook pictures is a bit more accurate than pictures from 2004.

      If Martin or Zimmerman were say missing,.. doubt they would be providing dated photos to help search for them, so why use old photos, whats the purpose in that?

      • Jan absolutely!! I really like the part you added at the end – that if one went missing they’d sure use newer, updated pictures. When this first happened, I thought it was a 14 year old boy who had been shot and without any reason. Check the UK Mail news online. Their ONE page – a VERY LONG page, has more info that we have gotten from any US media outlets COMBINED including a RECENT photo of Trayvon. I have another website with a new pic of George from his Facebook. Both of them actually. i wonder if you can post URLs here? Zimmerman has lost 40 lbs and is in a suit not the orange jumpsuit from 6 years ago – same as Trayvon’s pic is YEARS old. The media is feeding us BS and most don’t care. George should NOT be smeared, he defended himself per one witness a couple feet away. But Tray’s parents say HE is being smeared..sure. He smeared himself!

      • @Jan, sorry it took so long to get back to you I have a life. I would like to add the most recent picture of Trayvon would have been a yearbook picture against this picture of Zimmerman in a suit. Also the Zimmerman’s mugshot is an old picture from his first arrested for an assault (sound familiar). If you watch the video of him in the police station he is clearly clean shaven without much hair on his head. Also there are non of the scratches and blood from said attack on the video. Between you and I if Zimmerman was missing they wouldn’t show a picture of him half dressed to the public, that does not pull heart strings just as this picture of Trayvon does not. No need to comment to me, this is a very Republican, Fox loving site and I dear am not!

        • Actually, this is a conservative site, and not necessarily Republican. We believe in the ideals of freedom along with equal opportunity and rights for all, so we definitely welcome your participation here.

  3. First of all Martin was a new guest in the community. George Zimmerman was not aware of Martin and never saw him before. All Zimmerman did is what he has done many times before go up and ask them what their business is here. All Martin had to to was respond “I am visiting my mother and just got back from the 7/11”, it would have ended there.

    Police reports say Martin punched Zimemrman first then threw him to the ground and was banging his head against the sidewalk after Zimmerman asked him what his business was there. Zimmerman cried for help a witness saw Martin on top of Zimmerman, the witness yelled I am going to call 911.

    When police arrived Zimmerman was bleeding from his nose has grass stains and clearly attacked. The phone records from a woman that was talking to Martin also confirms Zimmerman accounts, Martin said he lost Zimmerman then they ran into each other as Zimmerman was walking back to his car..

    • Sir London – Absolutely!! Exactly the witness account from the man “John” who was a few feet away. Also – people talking about Zim making a “racial slur”. If “Those a-holes always get away” or “F***ing PUNK” are racial slurs, then I would be in trouble because I know I have said those and they are NOT racial! Some are saying on on You Tube 911 call that Zimmerman said “F***ing COON” but he did NOT. I listened TEN times – 5 without and 5 with BRAND NEW HEADPHONES – He CLEARLY said PUNK. People are trying to ruin George’s reputation, this kid ruined his own with his actions posted in the story. GREAT POST Sir London. I wish we had such logical postings in the states. It’s SAD when a UK news outlet has FAR MORE information out than the US and ALSO, updated pictures. I have the updated pic of Zimmerman (not posted here) from his Facebbok – He’s lost 40 lbs & he is wearing a suit. The US is smearing him. It’s SAD!! Thanks again for a GREAT post!! ALL TRUE as well!!

      • You may also post appropriate pictures to any of your comments by uploading the picture from where it says “Choose…” below the comment text area.

  4. Young boy Trayvon has been made out to be a small, shy & nice middle class kid who was minding his own business.

    What we didn’t know was that he was 6′ 3″ and was a bad seed kind of kid…

    “Martin may have cut a more imposing figure than previously known. Recent pictures on the web and social media show him with gold dental grill and making obscene gestures to the camera.

    In addition, Martin’s Miami school records show that he has been suspended three times.

    Family attorney Benjamin Crump confirmed to ABC News that Martin had been slapped with a 10 day school suspension after a bag with suspected marijuana was found in his backpack.

    Last year Martin was suspended for spraying graffiti on school grounds. The Miami Herald reported that the school guard who stopped him searched his backpack and found 12 items of women’s jewelry and a flathead screw driver that the guard believed to be a “burglary implement.”

  5. BTW – To THIS website’s owners.. THANK YOU for the TRUE pictures!! Everywhere posting the pic of the kid at age probably 14 is trying to pull heartstrings or something. Thank YOU all for the TRUTH..Pics found on Facebook ANYONE in media could get. Nice to see someone cares about the TRUTH. GREAT job!!

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