Helen Thomas Honored at PLO Event in Washington

The High Commission for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Washington honored American journalist and anti-Semite, Helen Thomas, according to a report in the Arabic Palestine Press Agency reported, translated by the Elder of Ziyyon blog.

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Thomas, the daughter of Lebanese immigrants, exposed her anti-Semitic prejudices in June of 2010 when she stated that Jews “should get the hell out of Palestine.”

“They [should] go home. Poland. Germany. And America and everywhere else,” she said.

In an interview in October of that year, she stood by her original statements and accused “them” — an apparent reference to Zionists – of distorting her remarks “for their own propaganda purposes,” Arutz Sheva reported.

Thomas was presented with an award, recognizing her career in journalism and writing, at the home of Ambassador Maen Rashid Ereikat, President of the Commission General of the PLO in Washington.

The ceremony was attended by a group of ambassadors, diplomats, journalists, “human rights” activists and American Arab leaders in the United States.

Hanan Ashrawi, member of the Executive Committee of the PLO, also participated in the event and presented Thomas with a medal of recognition, on behalf of President Mahmoud Abbas.

Ashrawi relayed Abbas’ gratitude for all that Thomas has done in support of the ‘Palestinian’ cause.

Following Thomas’ anti-Semitic remarks in 2010, Wayne State University, her alma mater, pulled an award in her name, affirming that, “the university strongly condemns the anti-Semitic remarks made by Helen Thomas.”

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