Neal Boortz Reflects on Life in Talk Radio

Talk-radio host Neal Boortz is no fan of the nation’s capital. “The place gives me the creeps,” he said on this week’s Scribecast. Boortz, a self-described libertarian who first visited Washington, D.C., in the 1950s, said federal bureaucrats have given the city a bad reputation.

“I came to know Washington as a symbol of freedom, of liberty, of all that made this country great,” Boortz said. “And now when I come to this city, I see these people walking on the sidewalk and I just think, yeah, what cubicle are you going to sit in today. What stupid, absurd, asinine regulations to control the people are you going to come up with today to impress your boss.”

Boortz’s passion for his job is evident nearly 50 years after starting his radio career in college. Today his show is broadcast by Atlanta-based News Talk 750 WSB and heard by about 6 million listeners nationwide on around 230 radio stations.

Listen to the interview with Neal Boortz on this week’s Scribecast

During the interview, Boortz talked about the changing media landscape and how he adapted to the Internet. His popular website, supported by just two people, rivals even the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Boortz also discussed President Obama’s class warfare rhetoric and the need for substantive tax reform rather than gimmicks like the Buffet Rule. Boortz is the author of “The FairTax Book,” which outlines his preferred approach using a consumption tax. (Heritage has outlined a comprehensive plan called the New Flat Tax.)

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The podcast runs about nine minutes. It was produced with the help of Hannah Sternberg. Listen to previous interviews on Scribecast or subscribe to future episodes.

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