IRS Harassment of Tea Party Groups – Our Freedom at Risk (VIDEO)

Today, sixty-two Members of Congress sent a letter to the IRS demanding that the agency stop its intrusive and abusive treatment of Tea Party groups seeking tax-exempt status.

From every corner of the country, Tea Party groups are coming forward with complaints of burdensome questionnaires — in some cases seeking donor lists and copies of every speech given at their events — coupled with unreasonable timelines and other heavy-handed tactics the only purpose of which appears to be delays and obstruction.

The ability of a group of citizens to freely associate for a common purpose is the bedrock of liberty. Now, this basic right seems to be under attack from the Obama administration using one of the most powerful and feared federal agencies – the IRS.

Throughout this administration’s tenure, we have seen multiple cases of contempt for basic American freedoms, but this latest example is perhaps one of the most egregious.

As such, I have asked the House of Representatives for a rigorous investigation and if found to be accurate, that those officials responsible be exposed, disgraced, dismissed and debarred from any further position of trust or power within our government.

[youtube 61FqeojfC50 nolink]

From Tom McClintock. Take Action!

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