Truth About the Cult of Islam

Despite daily news of atrocities, our leaders are always keen to stress that Islam means peace or is it pieces?,

but does it mean peace, and can it?

Do they mean the peace of the graveyard?

Are they lying to us?

There are no Buddhist suicide bombers.

There are no Christian suicide bombers.

There are no Jain suicide bombers.

There are only Islamic suicide bombers.

Murderous jihadists exist wherever there are muslims. They bomb and behead in Indonesia, Thailand, Algeria, and of course Iraq.

Is Islam a beast in Sheep’s clothing? Islam is not lamb.

Politicians tell us that islam is a peaceful religion.

They claim all religions kill and use the Nazis and the IRA as examples. But the Nazis were antichristian. They often killed the priests first (in Poland and France) and re-established pagan festivals of light.

The IRA were political not religious. Wolf Tone, one of the founders of Irish secession was actually a protestant. It is not a simple catholic vs protestant equation. The IRA killers never shouted “Praise Jehovah” at one of their killings. Unlike the muslims who like to shout “Hello Akbar”, or “Allah-ilah’al qamar” or something at their murders.

Acts of terror are denounced by elders. They say they are unislamic. But are they?

Were the mobs baying for the death of a writer and burning his books considered unislamic or just a normal islamic protest?

How about the rioters over a few innocuous cartoons? The media don’t mention that they are pictures on sale in muslim countries showing the Mo’ mad guy, sometimes present at beheading and such and much worse than any little western cartoon.

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The multiculturists and left wing radicals say that there isn’t a problem. We just need to stop muslim youth being disaffected, but the truth is that muslims cultivate a sense of grievance. Disaffection is inbuilt into their religion where they see non-muslims (kafirs) as inferior and a kafir life as much less than a muslim life.

Muslims cultivate a sense of anger and injustice. You only have to cross the border from Thailand to Islamic Malaysia to see this. The happy smiling faces are replaced by ones of anger and hatred. Yet these two adjacent countries are almost identical in climate and resources. Thailand manages to be a pleasant place and Malaysia is full of hostility. The only difference is the religion.

The fruits of islam are disrespect for non-muslims, and often squalor, illiteracy and poverty. Overlaying these fruits are violence and hatred and murderous fanatics wherever muslims are.

The left-wing supports the muslims because they share their anti-Americanism.
The extreme right-wing is allied with the muslims anyway, because of their anti-Semitism.
The moderate right-wing does business with the muslims and want’s to appease them.
The moderate left-wing tries to solve the conflict by concessions and dialogue.

Everyone says the problem is anything but islam. It is the poverty or it is the foreign policy. No-one says what is obvious to anyone else, that it is islam that is the problem.

A Christian martyr is someone that is prepared to die for his beliefs. A muslim martyr is someone that will kill you for their belief. See the contradiction?

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The muslims claim they are peaceful, and if you don’t believe them, they will kill you to prove it.

The suicide bombers are always described as being good or devout muslims. Hey, you think islam itself could be a problem?

You think?

Could the Koran itself be a source of the problem????

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