Onslaught of 1700+ Hate Texts to a Jewish Student

A teenager in Albuquerque is accused of sending hundreds of anti-Semitic text messages to a fellow student, including “kill Jews, heil Hitler,” KRQE News reported.

High school students
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High school students

The victim’s mother said the verbal attacks have been going on for years, but last week the onslaught came to a head when her son’s phone was barraged with hateful text messages.

“I felt like I was living in 1939 in Nazi Germany,” said the mother, who asked not to be identified.

“Altogether, there were almost 18 hundred text messages that came to him over a period of weeks,” she said.

The messages refer to the teen as a “Jew fag.”

“I called Eldorado High School and they had me connected with a police officer within about 10 seconds who took care of it –  literally within 5 to 10 minutes,” the mother said.

The police report states that the bully, who has not been named, confessed to “text bombing” the victim, a phone app that enables the sender to send the same message to the receiver hundreds of times as an annoyance.

He sent “kill Jews, heil Hitler” nearly 500 times back to back, according the report.

The victim’s mother noted that the bullying had been going on since the boys attended Hoover Middle School together, but action to stop the verbal abuse had not been taken.

“It’s a responsibility of the school as well as parents and the community to teach the kids this is good behavior this is bad behavior,” said the mother.

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The bully, as of now, has been suspended until January.

The perpetrator’s family told KRQE News 13 that they apologized to the victim’s mother and that they have been going through hard times at home.

They said they were shocked to hear about the onslaught of messages.

The victim had told his mother that although he had been bullied, he did not want this incident to ruin the life of his schoolmate.

The police report sent to the district attorney classifies the incident as a hate crime.

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