Heritage and FRC Visit the Birthplace of the Conservative Movement

Celebrating six months on the road, Heritage’s nationwide tour Your Money, Your Values, Your Vote rolled on to its 20th and 21st states this week: Illinois and Michigan. A joint project of The Heritage Foundation and the Family Research Council, the tour has hosted events in 77 cities across the nation with more than 38,000 attendees.

While roaming the land of Lincoln, the bus stopped at CPAC Chicago and the Illinois GOP Convention, where hundreds of activists and conservatives of all ages pledged to Save the American Dream—Heritage’s plan to restore prosperity to the country. Representative Tim Walberg (R–MI) stopped by the bus in Jackson, Michigan, the birthplace of the Republican Party. Walberg spoke about his belief that the country is moving away from the principles that made this country great:

What’s the American Dream? Nothing other than individuals who are free to pursue their life in liberty, for their own good and for others, and not have a government stand in their way to prohibit them from living out their dream of being better off. And to pass on something to future generations to come.

Quoting directly from the Saving the American Dream plan, Walberg said the country has faced numerous economic downturns in the past three years: “Four years of trillion dollar deficits, $5 trillion in new debt, a loss of our Triple-A credit rating, and now the world’s highest corporate tax rate at 39.2 percent. U.S. debt is 70 percent of GDP. Medicare and Social Security face $40 trillion of unfunded liabilities. That’s roughly $200,000 per American.”

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Despite those grim figures, Walberg said, “As a result of tours like this, we can restore this great country. We always have.”

With upcoming stops in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Virginia, Heritage and FRC will continue to spread the message that America needs strong families and a strong economy to restore prosperity.

Visit ValuesBus.com for the latest schedule of events for the nationwide tour Your Money, Your Values, Your Vote. Click here for a complete photo gallery of the bus tour.

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