Al Queda’s Ring of Fire Around Israel and Egypt

By Peter Paton

As the Arab Spring continues to unfold like a horrific version of Iranian Expansionism, the World must not forget the implacable and formidable advance of Al Queda and ISIS in all its hideous forms in the Middle East.The master plan, the brainchild of Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri is the creation of  a Ring of Fire around Israel and Egypt from both the north in Syria and the South in Gaza and the Sinai in Egypt.

We have already seen Al Qaeda wing’s first suicide attack on Israel from the Egyptian peninsula, by Libya’s warring Islamist militias to extend their field of operations to the Egyptian Sinai Desert and Southern Israel. While in Gaza, the local Palestinian Jalalat groups which are branches of Al Qaeda Sinai have been firing  hundreds of Grad and Qassam  rockets  into the State of Israel, and carrying out Terrorist and Assassination attacks in Egypt and the Sinai desert..  And in the North in Iraq and Syria, Al Queda and its wing militia ISIS ( Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) are ever daily gaining strength and power. ISIS has been infiltrated by the Iranian and Syrian regime’s intelligence. Funded by Tehran, controlled+manipulated by Damascus.
It is not hard to visualize that one day soon Israel and Egypt will find themselves caught between a deadly pincer trap of Al Queda and ISIS from top to bottom, and from all sides, a nightmare scenario for Israeli and Egyptian Commanders.

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The only way to stop this and redress the balance is for the Israeli/Egypt/ Gulf States Axis to go on the offensive against Al Queda, Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS in both Syria and Iran, regardless of what the Obama Regime thinks or does, bring about Regime change in both these Shia Dictator led countries, and install democratic and civilian Governments in their place.

The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood  in Egypt only exacerbates the military and political situation for Egypt and Israel, further highlighting the need to accelerate  and speed up the erection of the fortified fences in the both the North and South of Israel, and on Egypt’s Sinai border to counteract the direct and growing menace of Al Queda and ISIS.

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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