India’s Arrest of Mumbai Attack Planner Shines Light on Pakistani Role

With the arrest of terrorist handler Sayeed Zabiuddin Ansari (alias Abu Hamza) at the New Delhi air port on June 21, India has made a tremendous breakthrough in the investigations of the November 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks that killed 166, including six American citizens. Indian investigators had been tracking Ansari, who was in Saudi Arabia for two years on a Pakistani passport, and eventually requested the Saudis to deport him. The U.S. likely assisted India in tracking Ansari and may have even weighed in to pressure the Saudis to deport him to India. Ansari is an Indian national from the state of Maharashtra who allegedly helped train and direct the Mumbai attackers in real time, via cell phone from Pakistan.

Ansari’s alleged confession that Pakistani intelligence officials were present in the control room from which he directed the attackers is explosive. If true, these accusations will undermine an already shaky U.S.–Pakistan relationship and further tarnish Pakistan’s global image, as the gruesome attacks were televised across the world over a three-day period that happened to coincide with the American Thanksgiving holiday.

Pakistan has dragged its feet on investigating and prosecuting individuals allegedly involved in the 2008 attacks. Moreover, the founder of the Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (LeT), Hafez Mohammed Sayeed, roams the country freely, giving speeches and even flirting with the idea of becoming involved in Pakistani politics. The spectacle of a terrorist leader taking on a national political voice in Pakistan has amplified the impression that Pakistan’s leaders are either unable or unwilling to control terrorism within their borders.

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Pakistan must take action against any individuals involved in the Mumbai attacks, even if it means punishing serving intelligence officials. Doing otherwise would only hasten the country’s international isolation and slide toward pariah state status.

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  1. Pakistan has ben a terrorist state right from its inception.
    From “Muslim League Attack on Sikhs and Hindus in the Punjab 1947” compiled for the SGPC by S. GURBACHAN SINGH TALIB:

    Pakistan grew out of the two-nation theory of the Muslim League, which for the last twenty years or more has been synonymous with its permanent president, the late Mohamed Ali Jinnah, called by the Muslims Qaid-i-Azam or the Supreme Leader. The career of Qaid-i-Azam Jinnah indicates a curious and. ironic development from being ‘the apostle of Hindu-Muslim Unity, as he was called by admiring Congressmen, to being the chief exponent, advocate and creator of Pakistan-a state based upon the thesis that the Muslims of India are a separate nation, and a,, such need a homeland and state for themselves, separate from Hindu-land. Pakistan is now a predominantly Muslim state, so predominantly Muslim in its population that its western and more important portion has in the course of a few months of its establishment, been almost completely rid of its Hindu, Sikh and to a great extent of its Christian and untouchable populations.

  2. This has not stopped the US from beefing up the refurbishment and weaponry of Pakistan’s F-16s. Face it, the White Hice are not the US. The White Hice, the State Department and the CIA are not accountable to the US people as much as internal US governance. From Nixon’s China and Pakistan to “contain India” (a suicidal India that is its own worst enemy with “reservations” and “corruption”), Bush Daddy’s CIA to Reagans’s Iran-Contra and Taliban, to Clinton’s bombing of Belgrade to cede Islam its first ethnically cleansed enclaves in Europe since 1489, to Bush Baby’s Iraq and Obama’s ISIS, the White Hice have been acting just as any mercenary on the pay roll of Sunni (Petro Dollar) Islam might. Pakistan is the US’s consistent cat’s paw to contain India since Nixon as it has been China’s since inception. Islamic Terror is Pakistan’s favoured and consistent weapon in dealing with India. An Abou Hamza or two or a hundred, or a thousand, or a million, going from previous evidence, will not change this.

  3. I appreciate the views of Ranbir Singh and Suchindranath Aiyar, two fellow Indians. However, their comments are highly subjective, exaggerated, aggressive and unacceptable.. No Indian government, past and present, has perceived Iran as an enemy, and pursued an aggressive policy and arms build-up against Iran.

    Iraq attacked and invaded Iran that led to the Iraq-Iran war. Iran stopped the attack with counter armed force, and reversed the invasion in a long Iraq-Iran war. Iran did not conquer and occupy any part of Iraq after its war victory over Iraq. Iran has never attacked, conquered and occupied any country in the past and present. Iran will not do so in the future. The US government’s perspective, policy and action towards Iran is misguided, exaggerated, unmindful, dangerous and unacceptable. Stop, oh Obama.

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