BREAKING: ObamaCare Verdict Announced

In a shocking and disappointing verdict, the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare and it’s individual mandate as a tax, ushering in an unprecedented expansion of government power and handing a huge victory in Obama’s Progressive plan to

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“fundamentally transform America. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 today.

In a complex ruling, the Supreme Court has partially upheld the controversial Obamacare law. The Court struck down the individual mandate as an unconstitutional penalty under the Commerce Clause, but upheld it as a permissible tax. It also limited, but did not strike down, the expansion of Medicaid spending under Obamacare, which states had argued was a violation of the Tenth Amendment.

Oddly in 2009 when Obama was interviewed by Stephanopoulous Obama said “I absolutely reject that notion” when asked if Obama care is a new tax.


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