Egypt’s New Islamist President Vows to Win Release of World Trade Center Terrorist

In a surprise and very concerning statement this weekend, Egypt’s radical Islamist and newly president-elect has vowed to win the release of an Egyptian al-Qaeda terrorist jailed by the U.S. for planning the first attack on New York’s World Trade Center.

Islamic Terrorist, Omar Abdel Rahman, convicted in Terrorist plot on First World Trade center bombing attack in NYC.

Omar Abdel-Rahman, “the blind sheikh,” is serving a life sentence in a federal prison for his role in the 1993 terrorist bombing that killed six people in lower Manhattan. The attack on the World Trade Center launched by al Qaeda eight years later on Sept. 11, 2001, killed nearly 3,000 people.

“”I see banners for Omar Abdel Rahman’s family, and for prisoners arrested according to martial rulings and detainees from the beginning of the revolution,” said Egyptian president-elect Mohammed Morsi to a buoyant crowd of Islamist supporters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Friday. “It is my duty to make every effort, and I will beginning tomorrow, to secure their release, among them Omar Abdel Rahman.”

Exposing the president-elect Muslims Brotherhood member for what he is, a supporter of terrorism. This is not a good day for the world as another Islamist soon to be in control of a once peaceful country. The question is will Obama give into his demands?

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  1. The elected Islamist Brotherhood terrorist and POWERLESS president of Egypt, is making a promise, obviously based on a Obama promise. The mainly US financed “Arab Spring” was organized with the “boots on the ground” implemented by the Al Quaeda and Brotherhood, whose activists do not mind dying, considering the fact that their compensation of 72 virgins is awaiting in the Islamist heaven. Fact is that, as I commentyed since the start of the Spring, the Egyptian Military will by no means accept to share Muammar Gaddafi´s fate; same as Syria´s Assad. This is also the reason why Russia and China are insisting that the Syrians and any country have the RIGHT to solve their problems without foreign blood intervention. Can anybody explain what the Libyan nation has gained with the AlQuaeda and Brotherhood imposed government? Well, the Obama crowd is capable of shoving enything down the throats of the gullible Americans. Am I wrong?


    Sri Aurobindo was the earliest to see a disastrous degeneration of national psychology, and sound a warning. Although he had retired from active politics several years earlier, his political perceptions had remained as sharp as ever. Speaking to a disciple on 18 April 1923, he had observed: “I am sorry they have made a fetish of Hindu-Muslim unity. It is no use ignoring facts; some day the Hindus may have to fight the Muslims and they must prepare for it. Hindu-Muslim unity should not mean the subjection of Hindus. Every time the mildness of the Hindu has given way. The best solution would be to allow the Hindus to organize themselves and Hindu-Muslim unity will take care of itself; it would automatically solve the problem. Otherwise, we are lulled into a false sense of satisfaction that we have solved the problem when in fact we have only shelved it.”

    A few months later, on 13 July 1923, a disciple had observed that “There is also the question of Hindu-Muslim unity which the non-violence school is trying to solve on the basis of their theory”. Sri Aurobindo had replied: “You can live amicably with a religion whose principle is toleration. But how is it possible to live with a religion whose principle is ‘I will not tolerate?’ How are you going to have unity with these people? Certainly Hindu-Muslim unity cannot be arrived at on the basis that Muslims will go on converting Hindus while Hindus shall not convert Mohammedans. You can’t build unity on such basis. Perhaps the only way of making the Mohammedans harmless is to make them lose their faith in their religion.”

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